• Internal AOL Email Announcing About.Me Acquisition

    We’re part of the AOL family here at TechCrunch, but they don’t trust us with much actual information. We don’t get the emails sent out to all employees, for example. So when I get my hands on one I certainly don’t feel bad about posting it here. Here’s the email to all AOL staff (except us) from executive Brad Garlinghouse announcing the About.Me acquisition… Read More

  • AOL Acquires Personal Profile Startup About.Me

    AOL Acquires Personal Profile Startup About.Me

    Personal profile startup About.me launched publicly, oh, all of four days ago. And, boom. Today AOL (our parent company), will announce that they’ve acquired the company. It will become part of the consumer applications group, led by AOL exec Brad Garlinghouse. Making About.Me a sister company to TechCrunch. Frankly I’m a little surprised by the acquisition. More details and… Read More

  • About.Me Has 400,000 Beta Testers, Opens Doors To All

    In September About.me started letting people reserve names for its personal profile page. They guaranteed your name (I’m about.me/mike, for example) and started letting those people in slowly in batches. Well, not so slowly I guess, since the company says 400,000 sites have now been created, and another 20,000 on the waiting list were let in overnight. And starting today anyone can go to… Read More