A/B testing

Optimizely launches new tools to help companies manage thousands of web experiments

Optimizely helps businesses test out different ways to make their websites or apps more effective — but, as vice president of Product Management Claire Vo put it, how do you go from "five experiment

Optimizely acquires Experiment Engine to offer more collaboration tools for big companies

While Optimizely has bought other startups before, co-founder and CEO Dan Siroker said today is the first time it’s acquiring a startup built on Optimizely’s developer platform — namel

Optimizely targets developers with its new testing platform, Optimizely X

Optimizely has helped to popularize A/B testing — the idea of trying out different versions of a website or mobile app to see which one performs better. However, co-founder and CEO Dan Siroker said

On-screen guidance startup WalkMe raised $50M led by Insight, now valued around $400M

As more people and businesses shift to digital platforms to get things done, a cloud-based platform for making interfaces easier to navigate continues to grow. WalkMe, which helps guide people throu

To Win Over Voters, Politicians Can Learn From Online Marketers

Another political season is on the horizon and a relatively large field of candidates will be vying for the hearts, and sometimes the minds, of eligible voters. That means we will hear a number of slo

AdPushup Raises $632,000 For Its Banner Ad A/B Testing Platform

New Delhi-based startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.adpushup.com/">AdPushup</a>, which provides A/B testing that integrates with ad networks, has raised $632,000 in its angel round of funding.

Mobile A/B Testing Service Taplytics Adds Analytics And Android Support

<a target="_blank" href="https://taplytics.com">Taplytics</a>, a <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2014/02/04/yc-backed-taplytics-lets-you-run-ab-tests-on-ios-without-waiting-for-app-store-updates/

Facebook Announces Stricter Guidelines For Research And Experiments On Its Users

After a study on whether emotional manipulation in the News Feed could make people sad turned into a PR disaster, Facebook has now set up a formal review process for pre-approving research on its user

Mixpanel Adds Mobile A/B Testing To Its Analytics Platform

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.mixpanel.com">Mixpanel</a>, the analytics startup incubated at Y Combinator and <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/05/10/mixpanel-andreessen-horowitz/">backe

Wingify Launches A New A/B Testing Platform For People Without Coding Experience

A/B testing of sites and apps is usually the domain of developers and IT teams. With the relaunch of its Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), however, Wingify hopes to make A/B testing accessible for more

Mobile Analytics Startup Splitforce Raises $150,000 Seed Round, Launches Automatic A/B Testing For iOS And Android

Mobile analytics company Splitforce has launched an automatic A/B testing service for iOS and Android that it says will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of running user tests for startup

Optimizely Brings Its A/B Testing Platform To iOS Apps

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.optimizely.com">Optimizely</a>, the popular service for testing out different variations of your website, today announced the launch of Optimizely for iOS. The c

Appiterate Raises Seed Funding From SAIF Partners, Joins Growing List Of A/B Testing Startups

Testing design and content features on-the-go to identify what users want is nothing new — it’s over a decade old process used by Google (and now Facebook among several others) to tell whi

Bizible Partners With Optimizely To Improve A/B Testing For Sales Teams

Marketing analytics startup Bizible just announced a new feature allowing users to integrate Optimizely with Salesforce.com. Bizible CEO Aaron Bird said this integration is the first of its kind fo

Y Combinator-Backed Sendwithus Offers A/B Testing And Analytics Tools For Email Marketers

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.sendwithus.com">Sendwithus</a> aims to bring optimization and A/B testing to marketers and anyone else sending out targeted promotional emails. The company, whic

YC-Backed Taplytics Lets You Run A/B Tests On iOS Without Waiting For App Store Updates

Y Combinator-backed Taplytics is launching its A/B testing platform for iOS applications today, which allows app makers the ability to test different experiences and quickly push out minor fixes, like

Vessel’s A/B Testing Platform For Mobile Launches Out Of Closed Beta

<a target="_blank" href="http://vessel.io">Vessel</a>, a new A/B testing platform for iOS and Android apps, is launching its service out of closed beta today after testing it with 10 million users, in

Crowdery Provides A/B Testing For A Brand’s Physical Products

Clothing sales can be awesome, but they can also mean racks on racks of ugly shirts that no one wanted to buy. While some customers will scoop a deal, inevitably someone gets stuck with a bunch of unw

Apptimize Brings Reliable A/B Testing To Native iOS & Android Apps

As we shift more of our computing to mobile devices and applications, there's also a need for a new crop of tools that help developers better build, design and test their creations, which are also spe

Backlift, The YC-Backed Back-End Service For Front-End Developers, Launches A/B Testing Service

Backlift, a Y Combinator-backed startup that bills itself as a back-end service for front-end developers, launched its first product today. Airfoil, which is obviously based on Backlift, is an A/B tes
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