Apple’s Mixed 1st Quarter In Charts

Apple’s December quarter was a mixed bag. If you just read the numbers, revenue has never been so high thanks to continued growth in iPhone and iPad sales. But analysts expected more, and net pr

CEO Tim Cook Says Touch ID Was Part Of Apple’s Thinking Around Mobile Payments

Apple CEO Tim Cook actually discussed mobile payments directly on the company’s earnings call today, saying that it’s an area that has “intrigued” the company and that mobile p

Apple Says International Took 64% Of Revenues In Q1, Led By Growth In China And Japan

Apple CEO Tim Cook today admitted that in its home market of North America, “we did not do as well…our business contracted year over year.” But to counterbalance that, the iPhone mak

Despite Multi-Year MSFT Surface Deal, Nearly All NFL Teams Use iPads As Playbooks, Says Apple

On today's Q1 earnings call, Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer bragged that "nearly all NFL teams use iPads as playbooks." This wouldn't necessarily be interesting, except for the fact that Microsoft

Despite Record Sales Quarter, Apple’s iPhone 5c Likely Wasn’t Key To Growth

Apple’s iPhone sales for Q1 2014 have broken the company’s previous record, and they also mark the company’s ability to ship as many smartphones as Samsung, which was previously the

Apple’s 51M iPhones, 26M iPads And 4.8M Macs In Q1 2014 Set A Record, But Growth Slows

Analysts had predicted that Apple would have a strong day with hardware this quarter, anticipating between 54 and 56 million iPhones shipped according to Fortune, as well as around 25 million iPads an