Apple Fighting Revenue Stagnation In Europe: Fiscal Q4: $8,023BN Total Revenue, Down 3% On “Essentially Flat” Q3

Europe is a key market for Apple. Last quarter it remained the second-highest revenue generating region after the U.S. In its Q4 earnings today, Apple reported total revenues of $8,023 billion in Euro

Tim Cook On Steve Jobs’ Tablet Rant: We Will Never Make A 7-Inch Tablet, We Don’t Think They’re Good Products

During the Q4 Apple earnings call, Cook addressed words spoken by Steve Jobs in the past regarding a 7-inch tablet <blockquote>On comments that Steve made before about 7 inch tablets, let me be cle

Apple CEO Tim Cook Defends iPad Mini’s “Aggressive Pricing”

On the Apple Q4 conference call, both CFO Peter Oppenheimer and CEO Tim Cook took a moment to defend the iPad's pricing in response to a question about what they think about comments it's too high. No

Still A Hobby, But A Beloved Hobby: Apple Sold 1.3 Million Apple TVs In Q4, Bringing Total To 5.3 Million In Fiscal 2012

It might not ship as many units as the iPhone or the iPad, but Apple TV continues to gain ground in the connected TV market. During today’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company sol

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook: Microsoft’s Surface Is A “Fairly Compromised And Confusing Product”

During Apple's earnings call today, the company's CEO Tim Cook called Microsoft's Surface a "fairly compromised and confusing product," though he also admitted that he hasn't "played with one yet." Ac

Apple Now Has $121.3 Billion In Cash: More Than Amazon’s Market Cap Or A Space Station

It's easy to forget the big picture when you report on a quarterly earnings. Apple has seen a tremendous year. With $156 billion in revenue representing 45 percent growth compared to 2011, and an incr

Tim Cook: Customers Choose To Buy Our Products Because We Don’t Cut Corners

During the Q4 2012 earnings call today, Tim Cook fielded a question regarding the upcoming strong financial push that Apple will be making this holiday season. As you know, Apple had a strong Q4 and h

Apple Says The iPad Mini’s Gross Margin Is “Significantly” Lower Than Its Other Products

The iPad mini's gross margin is "significantly below" the rest of Apple's product line at $329, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said on the company's conference call today. He said that's driving lower gu

Apple’s iCloud Now Has Over 190M Users, Up From 150M Last Quarter And Seeing Steady Growth

During its Q4 2012 earnings call today, <a target="_blank" href="http://apple.com">Apple</a> announced that iCloud, its cloud storage and backup service for documents, contacts, photos, music and othe

Apple Hardware Sales In FY 2012: 125.04M iPhones, 58.23M iPads, 18.1M Macs And 35.2M iPods

Apple's Q4 results mean we also now have the total hardware sales the company managed for the 2012 financial year. The company sold an amazing 125.04 million iPhones, 58.23 million iPads, 18.1 million

Apple’s Q4 2012: iPad Sales Miss Expectations With 14 Million Units Sold

Apple managed to sell a lot of iOS devices over the last three months. But iPad sales are still declining. They are down 17.6 percent to 14 million compared to 17 million in Q3 — a bit more than exp

Apple Retail Stores Do $4.2B Worth Of Sales In Q4 2012, Beats Out Q3 Earnings

Today, as we check out Apple's Q4 2012 earnings, we learned that the company did an amazing $4.2B in sales in its retail stores alone. In Q3, that number was about $4B. People lining up at its reta

Apple’s Hardware Q4 2012: 26.9M iPhones, 14M iPads, 4.9M Macs And 5.3M iPods

Apple had another solid quarter for hardware sales, with iOS device sales leading the charge. iPhone sales were up from last quarter, and increased 58% year over year thanks to the iPhone 5, which was

Apple’s Fiscal Q4 2012 Results: $36 Billion In Revenue, Net Profit Of $8.2 Billion, Earnings Of $8.67 Per Share

Apple has just released its <a target="_blank" href="http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20121025006785/en/Apple-Reports-Fourth-Quarter-Results">fiscal Q4 2012 earnings,</a> and the consumer computi