• CrunchDeals: 100 AA or AAA batteries for $10 + $6 s&h

    There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t spend a total of $16 for 100 AA batteries. Who cares if these Kodak Ener G Alkaline aren’t as good as Energizer or Duracell batteries? It’s only $16! For 100 AA batteries! Or AAA batteries! Wowzer! (the AA batteries are on backorder, sorry) BargainOutfitters.com via dealnews Read More

  • Give your iPhone a AA power boost with Panasonic's Pocket Power

    There are numerous 3rd party charging solutions for the iPhone but few are as convenient as the Panasonic Pocket Power. It only takes a few hours to recharge your Jesusphone with the help of two Evolta rechargeable AA batteries but I don’t see why you can’t supplement the batteries with standard Duracells. Sure, there are sexier traveling chargers, but for only $36.45, I dare… Read More

  • Guinness certifies Panasonic's EVOLTA as the longest lasting AA alkaline battery cell

    I’m sure when Panasonic claimed that its EVOLTA AA batteries where the longest lasting on the market, you rolled your eyes. Right? ‘Cause how many times have you heard that pitch. Now Panasonic has a fancy certificate from the Guinness World Record folks to shove in the face of all the haters proving that its AA battery is alkaline battery cell in the world. Read More

  • Aircell's Gogo going live today on American Airlines

    We’ve covered this topic on multiple occasions and, well, today the service is going live for the masses on AA. The Boeing 767-200 aircrafts in AA’s fleet flying from NYC to LA, Miami and San Francisco will have the service flipped on and we’ll be on a flight from JFK to LAX today. Pricing will be $12.95 for flights with a duration of over three hours. Check back at noon EDT… Read More

  • Energizer Gets With The Program, Releases iPod Charger

    Having to buy batteries stinks, but at least Energizer is starting to cater to gadget-lovers. After a positive response with its cellphone chargers, Energizer has released the Energi To Go Portable Power For iPod. The device runs off of two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries, which provides up to 32 additional hours of music. Energizer will sell tons of these to people with dead iPods… Read More

  • AA Picks AirCell For In-flight Wi-Fi

    In-flight Wi-Fi seems to be all the rage these days. Lufthansa is bringing sexy back Wi-Fi back and Qantas is joining the fray, but when will domestic airlines quit quibbling about giving us food and blankets to realize there’s money to be made in Wi-Fi? Huzzah! American Airlines has pulled their head out and teamed up with AirCell to bring Wi-Fi to passengers next year. Read More

  • USBCell Rechargeable Batteries Hands-On

    USBCell was kind enough to send over some rechargeable AA batteries for CrunchGear to test out and they couldn’t have arrived any sooner. My unhealthy addiction to Xbox 360 (and its wireless controllers) has been draining the ol’ wallet for a couple weeks now. UPDATE:USBCell was commended last week as a finalist for the Design Week Award for best consumer product of 2006. The… Read More

  • USBCELL AA Batteries Are USB Rechargeable

    Have you ever wanted to charge your AA batteries with your computer? We’re not talking about a USB-powered charger either, we’re talking just sticking your AA into the USB port. So have you? We know we have, and with this $24 pair of USBCELL AA batteries, our life’s dream has been fulfilled. The batteries fit into any USB port, be it your laptop, PC, or powered USB hub, and… Read More