Samsung S8500 becomes first Bluetooth 3.0 approved handset

There is nothing more satisfying than claiming to be the first at anything, and so far this week, Samsung must be pretty happy with itself. After announcing its plans to mass produce AMOLED touchscree

Review: Yubz MAGNUM Bluetooth speaker

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/yubz-magnum-01.jpg" alt="yubz magnum" title="yubz magnum" />Bluetooth is one of those funny technologies that has an awful lot of potenti

Brando brings A2DP stereo Bluetooth functionality to the iPhone/iPod

For $62 you can now stream music from your iPhone/iPod to your A2DP enabled headphones. Hmm. Me thinks you should save that money and put it towards a high quality set of over-the-ears or in-ear buds.

Sidekick LX getting A2DP

I’m beginning to wonder whether or not I really want to switch back to the Sidekick after spending the last few months with the Curve. I can’t handle these tiny upgrades that should have b

Lossless Bluetooth Audio By 2008

If you use a Bluetooth-enabled audio device to listen to music, you might be interested to know that the files that stream from point A to point B get compressed along the way. So if you have an MP3 f

Sony's Bluetooth A2DP MicroHiFi

Sony’s CMT-U1BT is the first player from Sony (that we’ve seen) to feature A2DP Bluetooth 2.0 specifications, which means you can stream audio to the device from across the room. You can e