Jessica Livingston Talks Female Founders, Business Cycles, and Her Favorite Event of the Year

On April 4th, Y Combinator cofounder Jessica Livingston will host the third annual Female Founders Conference at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, an event meant to empower female founders —

Y Combinator Expands Open Office Hours To A Different Community Every Month, Starting With Veterans

After launching its Open Office Hours program in September, YC is expanding the program and turning it into a monthly thing. The announcement comes after a pilot program where over 650 black and Latin

YC-Backed Interviewed Uses Automated Simulations To Evaluate Job Candidates

Interviewed, launching from Y Combinator’s most recent batch of startups, is looking to help employees make better hiring decisions. It’s not uncommon for employers to be wowed by a candid

Roomblocker (YC S15) Is Modernizing Group Hotel Reservations

If you’ve ever had to reserve a block of hotel rooms for a conference or wedding, you know how complicated the process can be. YC-Backed Roomblocker is a service that handles the entire group

YC-Backed Instant eSports Is ESPN for Competitive Gaming

The worldwide eSports market has now reached 143 million viewers, but there is still no easy way to get up-to-date information on these competitive video game tournaments, which include games like Lea

Slideshow: The Cinder Sensing Cooker Won’t Burn Your Food To A Crisp

I’m a lucky lad. Every so often the creators of a really cool, really revolutionary cooking devices come to my house and make me food and this time it was Cinder. Think of Cinder as a George For

Sources: Magic Is Raising $12M From Sequoia At A $40M Valuation

Magic, an SMS-based on-demand delivery service that started as a YC company's weekend project, is raising $12 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia, according to sources. Sources also say that th

Easel To Shut Down Nine Months After Being Acquired By GitHub

Back when GitHub acquired Easel, a collaborative, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get HTML web design tool, Easel's blog post on the matter implied that it would be sticking around. "Easel continues to run a

Google Shuts Down TalkBin, A Feedback Platform For Businesses It Acquired In 2011

TalkBin, a customer feedback platform for businesses that was incubated at Y Combinator and then acquired by Google in 2011, is being shut down on July 31, citing “dwindling usage.” Enquir

Pinterest Acquires Coding Challenge Site Hackermeter Right Out Of The Gate, Will Shut It Down

If you were looking forward to boasting about <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/08/12/hackermeter-wants-to-kill-your-resume-and-replace-it-with-a-high-score/">your Hackermeter score</a> as a m

Kivo Uses Git To Make Collaborating On Documents Easier, Starting With PowerPoint

Most collaboration software these days seems to focus on real time, but Kivo, a new Y Combinator-backed startup out of the accelerator's current class, is taking a different approach.

Estimote Creator Talks About Building An “OS For The Physical World”

Estimote’s first prototype looked like a parrot. They designed it to sit in stores and count the humans entering and leaving the location and could register their paths through the aisles and ev

YC-Backed Backlift Launches A Back-End Service For Front-End Developers

Backlift, a Y Combinator-backed startup that’s launching today, describes itself as a back-end service for front-end developers. The service takes all of the work of setting up a server environm

Groupon Acquires Realtime Location-Aware Service Glassmap To Help You Find Deals

Y Combinator company Glassmap, a location-aware app that was big back in the day (last year), has just announced that is has been acquired by Groupon. A representative from Groupon has confirmed to T

Anticipating a Blended Classroom Boom Led by Education Startups

As kids head back to school this month and next, some will find a rather new arrangement greeting them: blended classrooms. These don't feel like the ways that many of us attended class, with a sin

Y Combinator S12 Demo Day Batch 1: Meet 9GAG, Double Robotics, Hubchilla, SmartAsset And More

Paul Graham kicked off his accelerator <a target="_blank" href="http://ycombinator.com/">Y Combinator</a>'s 15th Demo Day saying that though 75 startups will present today, this summer 2012 class has

Y Combinator-Backed Profig Launches An Affordable, Feature-Rich Instant Phone System

<a target="_blank" href="http://profig.com/">Profig</a>, a new Y Combinator-backed startup, just launched its instant virtual phone system for small and medium businesses. The service is geared toward

Y Combinator Backed Startup Authy Wants To Help You Prevent A Dropbox Style Security SNAFU

In response to a security breach, <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/07/31/dropbox-admits-user-accounts-were-hijacked-adds-new-security-features/">Dropbox promised to add</a> an optional new la

FundersClub Wants To Bypass VC And Let YOU Invest In Startups

<a target="_blank" href="https://thefundersclub.com/">FundersClub</a> is going to change how companies get funded. Today it launches a website designed to let anyone with as little as $1000 make equit

Y Combinator-Backed Sponsorfied Launches Tech That Matches Brands With Events Seeking Swag

Today, <a target="_blank" href="http://ycombinator.com/">Y Combinator</a> Summer 2012 startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.sponsorfied.com/">Sponsorfied</a> launches its tool that connects and
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