Plex Launches On Xbox One

Perennial media management software favorite Plex is celebrating a return of sorts today: The company has launched an official client for Xbox One, after having originally been based on XBMC, the open

Microsoft Will Give You Any Xbox One Game If You Buy The Console Next Week

Thinking about picking up an Xbox One to play some Destiny when it launches? You might want to wait a few days. Do that, and you'll get Destiny — or literally any other Xbox One game — for free

Microsoft Research Shows Off “DeLorean,” Its Tech For Building A Lag-Free Cloud Gaming Service

When looking to the future of gaming, few concepts get people as excited as the mythical "Netflix for gaming." It's a concept that we've seen in multiple forms, from OnLive's early efforts to Sony's

Microsoft Says It Isn’t Abandoning Xbox Music, Promises It Will Suck Less Shortly

During Microsoft's earnings call yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella indicated that his company would "streamline" its work in music and video. That was interpreted in some cases to imply that Micr

Microsoft Is Closing Its Entertainment Studios, But Narrow Focus Is Likely Better For Xbox

Microsoft let the ax begin to fall today, announcing 18,000 in job cuts to come over the course of the next year, a move Wall Street has so far applauded. A big part of that is going to be ex-Nokia st

Microsoft Still Not Selling Its Xbox Business

The second best false Microsoft meme is that the company will break off and sell its Xbox business. Why would it do that? It isn't clear. It's also not happening. At all. This morning, in a company

The Resurgent, Post-Windows Microsoft

Microsoft had become an oft-ignored, behemoth to the North, despite $77 billion in revenue and $57 billion in profits. It seemed that the mobile revolution had passed it by. Although Steve Ballmer was

Microsoft And Dell Sign Patent Royalty Agreement For Android And Chrome OS Devices

Today Dell and Microsoft announced that they have signed an agreement relating to intellectual property, which will see the two companies "license each company’s applicable" patents regarding Androi

Gillmor Gang: Hocus Pocus

The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — find themselves in a quandary over Steven Elop's alleged exit strategy for Microsoft. Is he really

Microsoft Is Finally Taking Aim At The Cable Box

Game consoles are in an enviable position: right under millions of televisions. The popular line is that the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony – are dinosaurs choking on the smoke

Microsoft Shows You The Entire Xbox One Experience With Video Tour Ahead Of Nov. 22 Launch

Microsoft has posted an extensive, 12-minute video walkthrough of what it's like to use the Xbox One, including showing off its Live TV, Skype, game DVR and biometric sign-in features, among others. I

Xbox Music To Launch Apps For iOS And Android

<a target="_blank" href="">Xbox Music</a> will be available for iOS and Android today, as Microsoft furthers its bid to take on streaming music services like Spotify. Xb

Xbox Partners With Tel Aviv Video Discovery Startup Jinni To Power Video Recommendations

After a successful pilot project, Tel Aviv startup Jinni, a provider of natural language processing-based video content recommendations, has been chosen by Xbox to power its Xbox content catalog recom

Microsoft’s Next CEO Will Not Spin Off Xbox, Unless They Abdicate The Company’s Larger Strategic Direction

A story published by Bloomberg floats the idea that Microsoft might spin off its Xbox business, which it calls "more likely [following current CEO Steve Ballmer's] exit." The publication values Xbox a

The Time Warner Cable TV App For Xbox 360 Is Now Available, With Access To 300 Channels

The TWC TV app for Xbox Live, which <a target="_blank" href="">was announced back in June</a>, is now available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace

Microsoft Wants Developers To Start Creating The “Companion Web”

Your cell phone doesn't know what you're watching on your TV. Microsoft would like to change that. The company is <a target="_blank" href="">launching</a> a new initi

Microsoft Heeds Gamer Feedback, Dumps Xbox One DRM Restrictions

Attention gamers: you win. The folks at Redmond infuriated many when it revealed that the Xbox One would come with a long list of potential caveats -- there was the automated 24 hour check-in to keep

Twitch Integrates With Xbox One For Live Broadcasting And Viewing Of Video Game Streams

Today at its E3 press conference, Microsoft announced that it has integrated with Twitch to allow live streaming and viewing from its upcoming Xbox One game console. The integration will allow Xbox Go

Microsoft Announces Updated Xbox 360 And Vows To Maintain Gamer Support Through The Xbox One Launch

Microsoft announced their Xbox 360 in 2005 and has maintained the console for most of a decade. Today the company announced an updated version of the console that mirrors the look and feel of the upco

Microsoft Fires Back At Sony With Free 360 Game Downloads For XBOX Live Gold Gamers

Well, Microsoft kicked off its big E3 media briefing today with a big middle finger to rival console player Sony. Starting on July 1, XBOX Live Gold members who still have XBOX 360s will get two free
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