Is the future of VR NVIDIA, Sony and Apple?

Virtual reality is all the buzz nowadays. And why wouldn’t it be when analysts like Goldman Sachs make estimates that the industry is poised to surpass the TV market in annual revenue by 2025. That

Minecraft takes a big step towards becoming a fully cross-platform game

Minecraft, one of the most playable games of all time, is about to become all the more collaborative after it took a major step towards becoming a fully cross-platform title.

Behold the Xbox One S and Design Lab controllers in all their glory

Earlier today, they were but flashes on the big screen at Microsoft’s big E3 kickoff event. Now they’re pieces of metal and plastic in the same venue that hosted the aforementioned event (presentl

Project Scorpio is the next Xbox One console, arriving late 2017

Sure the Xbox One S was the big news from today’s event, but Microsoft had one major surprise up its sleeve: Project Scorpio. Xbox head Phil Spencer took the stage one final time to announce the

Microsoft reveals the new, slimmer Xbox One S, coming this August

That’s “S” for “slim.” Or maybe “svelte.” Or “skinny.” Or…”something.” As anticipated and later full-on leaked, the Xbox has slimmed down just in ti

Watch the Microsoft Xbox E3 2016 conference live right here

Microsoft is holding its <a target="_blank" href="">annual Xbox media briefing</a> in Los Angels ahead of E3. So if you don't care about Apple's WWDC, you're in for a treat

Here’s what the Xbox One S could look like

Microsoft has a new Xbox One to showcase at E3 later today, and here’s what it’s going to look like. Rumors of a slimmer, cheaper Xbox One have been <a href="

Xbox One is getting Cortana in summer update

Apple TV has Siri. Fire TV has Alexa. And now the Xbox will have Microsoft’s own virtual assistant, Cortana. The company this morning announced a summer update for its Xbox One that will incl

Xbox One price drops to $299 just in time before unveiling slim Xbox One at E3

Microsoft could introduce not one, but two new Xbox One consoles

Microsoft is <a href="">playing catch up</a> when it comes to console sales. But it looks like the company doesn’t wan

Microsoft now lets you turn any Xbox One into a development kit

The Xbox One is about to become a far more interesting (and accessible) platform for indie game developers -- and regular users will soon be able to use their console to chat with Microsoft's Cortana

Xbox Live now supports cross-platform multiplayer with PS4

At this point, there's very little difference between the <a href="">Xbox One</a> and the PlayStation 4. But there was one key differentiating p

Xbox One Gains Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility For 104 Games

Starting on Thursday, you will be able to <a target="_blank" href="">play</a> 104 games on your Xbox On

Microsoft Reveals Dedicated Version Of Minecraft For HoloLens

Microsoft showed off a version of Minecraft designed specifically for HoloLens today for the first time at its E3 2015 press show. The HoloLens augmented reality display lets you view Minecraft in 2D

Watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Event Live Right Here

Microsoft's E3 2015 press keynote gets underway today starting at 9:30 AM PT (12:30 PM PT), and the company is likely going to talk more about how it's bringing Xbox gaming to all Windows 10 devices w

Xbox One Over-The-Air TV Tuner Now Available

Microsoft is now offering an Xbox One Digital TV Tuner designed for the console, thought a partnership with TV tuner manufacturer Hauppage. The arrival of the dedicated hardware marks the wider launch

Xbox One Owners Can Now (Finally) Take Screenshots

Microsoft is finally bringing the ability to take screenshots to the Xbox One, which is arriving with a new update that is rolling out right now.

Liveblog: Xbox Head Phil Spencer Talks About The Future Of Gaming On Windows And Xbox

Xbox head Phil Spencer is at GDC today to give a talk on the future of gaming and game development on the Windows and Xbox platforms.

GoPro Jumps Deeper Into Media Distribution With Dedicated Roku Channel

Looking for a place to watch countless POV snowboarding videos? GoPro and Roku have you covered with a new channel coming to the media streaming boxes this spring. GoPro already has a content distribu

TC GameCast Episode 5: Oculus Rift And Picking A Game Console

This week Darrell Etherington, Ed Zitron, and I spent most of the podcast talking about the Oculus Rift, with a slight detour into the world of consoles in the latter half.
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