Take a closer look at Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Xbox dev kit ahead of E3

We don't have to wait too long to see Microsoft's Project Scorpio as it will ship to consumers, and we've already seen the developer hardware being used to get software ready for the console being unv

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass launches to all Xbox One owners

Xbox Game Pass, the all-you-can game monthly subscription service for Xbox One, is now available to anyone who owns the console. The service went live for Xbox Gold members last week, but is now open

Xbox Game Pass launches June 1 with over 100 titles

Xbox One owners get a new reason to fire up their consoles on June 1: Xbox Game Pass, the download service Microsoft created to deliver subscription-based gaming with a library of Xbox One and Xbox 36

The Xbox One Scorpio is a six-teraflop gaming beast

Xbox One gets Beam streaming, a new guide and more starting today

Xbox One is getting an update starting today, echoing some of the major changes coming to Windows in its forthcoming Creators Update. The big new additions include streaming via Microsoft’s own

The Xbox Game Pass is a $9.99 Spotify-like game subscription

Having free games with Xbox Live Gold was one thing, but Microsoft wants to go one step further. The company is launching a new service called the Xbox Game Pass. It’s a library of more than 100 gam

Dropbox comes to Xbox, so you can stream photos and videos on your TV

Dropbox is launching a universal Windows app for Xbox, making it the first cloud storage provider to do so. The app will allow its users to view and share their files, including photos and videos, fro

AirServer can now transmit your iPhone screen to your Xbox

AirServer, makers of software that essentially turns anything into an AirPlay sever, has announced the availability of AirServer for the Xbox One. That means you can transmit your AirPlay screens to y

Xbox Game Preview will soon let Windows 10 users try games early

Microsoft’s answer to Steam’s Early Access is coming to Windows 10. Xbox Game Preview will be available on Microsoft’s desktop OS beginning soon, staring with Rockfish’s Eversp

The Xbox One S is the most beautiful game console out there

Whereas setting up the original Xbox One often felt like I was handling some sort of Medicare-provided DIY iron lung, the One S is a far tighter experience that’s luxurious and efficient in i

Vault-Tec Workshop gives Fallout 4 players their own Vault to toy with

Fallout 4, I can’t quit you. At least, not while Bethesda continues adding content, like today’s launch of the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on. The $4.99 DLC brings players on Xbox One, PlayStat

The Xbox One S gets bundled ‘Madden’ and ‘Halo’

Sure the plain ole Xbox got a price drop to $249 ahead of the release of the console’s svelte new configuration, but Microsoft’s still looking to lure in bargain hunters who’ve been eying the 4

Microsoft slashes Xbox One price to $250 ahead of Slim launch

This weekend, Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox One for the third time since May, giving users access to the Xbox 360 successor for a mere $250. Remember, the Xbox One originally launched with a

Xbox One S hits stores on August 2

In this brave new world of significant mid-cycle game console upgrades, the Xbox One S will lead the way. The Microsoft Xbox One semi-successor will be available in its 2TB ‘launch edition&#8217

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update will arrive August 2nd

Microsoft today announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will launch on August 2. This is one of the biggest Windows 10 updates yet and will include new features for both consumers and enterpr

Is the future of VR NVIDIA, Sony and Apple?

Virtual reality is all the buzz nowadays. And why wouldn’t it be when analysts like Goldman Sachs make estimates that the industry is poised to surpass the TV market in annual revenue by 2025. That

Minecraft takes a big step towards becoming a fully cross-platform game

Minecraft, one of the most playable games of all time, is about to become all the more collaborative after it took a major step towards becoming a fully cross-platform title.

Behold the Xbox One S and Design Lab controllers in all their glory

Earlier today, they were but flashes on the big screen at Microsoft’s big E3 kickoff event. Now they’re pieces of metal and plastic in the same venue that hosted the aforementioned event (presentl

Project Scorpio is the next Xbox One console, arriving late 2017

Sure the Xbox One S was the big news from today’s event, but Microsoft had one major surprise up its sleeve: Project Scorpio. Xbox head Phil Spencer took the stage one final time to announce the

Microsoft reveals the new, slimmer Xbox One S, coming this August

That’s “S” for “slim.” Or maybe “svelte.” Or “skinny.” Or…”something.” As anticipated and later full-on leaked, the Xbox has slimmed down just in ti
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