Twitter is shutting down Vine

With Twitter’s future still in question following failed attempts at finding an acquirer and the recently announced layoffs of nine percent of its workforce, the company today announced it&#821

Vine’s new Soundboard is the audio meme recycler you always wanted

Vine has a new feature for iOS app users called Soundboard, which lets users incorporate viral sounds within their own Vines, including Vine-sourced classics like ‘why you always lyin’ –

Shots Studios rebrands from selfie app to social star video factory

Twitter once tried to buy Shots for $150 million to score its 3 million rabid teen users, a source tells TechCrunch. But the Justin Bieber-funded selfie app developer dreamed of a different destiny, w

Reflections on a historic few months for online video

This has been my Summer of Video -- several months when it became clear to me that we’ve reached an inflection point in the transition from linear TV to online video.

Squeezing video blood from Twitter’s stone

After watching other social networks get rich off of video, Twitter’s tuning in. Brevity that inspires information density has always been what’s magical about Twitter . In 140 characters

King Bach launches Bachify, a photo editing app for the social media obsessed

Andrew Bachelor (better known as King Bach on Vine, where he has more than 15 million followers) has just launched Bachify, his own iOS-based photo-editing app. The genesis of the app was an issue an

Vine releases a Watch button because scrolling is too much work

Vine, Twitter’s social network turned entertainment platform, is today announcing a new way to consume content on the app. The company is introducing a “Watch” button, which will let

Vine brings on Hannah Donovan as the new GM

Vine, the six-second, looping video platform from Twitter, has just hired Hannah Donovan as the new general manager. Donovan has built her career in product and design leadership. Her most recent posi

Peach Creator Just Released A Web Version, But Is That Enough To Juice Activity?

You can now message your friends on the web version of Peach, a new chat app created by the founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann. The iOS app became a viral hit in Silicon Valley after it first launched at

These Are The Most-Watched Vines Of The Year

Vine, Twitter’s social platform for six-second looping video, just turned three. The company says that over 200 million people watch Vine videos (either on mobile or on the web) each month. But

Vine Gets A Personalized Channel Just For You

If you’re a Vine user then you know that finding new clips can be difficult. I rely mostly on my network to surface really funny Loops, but the team wants to make it easier for you. Today it has

This Week On Bullish: Building An Empire On YouTube

Hello and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch's first talk show. This is our first international report, taped at Disrupt London 2015 in the Copper Box Arena. This week we dug into YouTube, the video platf

Vine Lets You Swipe Left To Find Similar Vines, Launches On Apple Watch

Fresh on the heels of Snapchat announcing Story Explorer, Vine has today announced a new way to discover Vines following a similar theme. When browsing in a channel or through your own feed, simply sw

Now You Can Steal Any Vine’s Audio To Jump On The Remix Bandwagon

Vine is a never-ending series of inside jokes. Every day, some weird video or audio clip becomes the trend and everyone races to make their own remix. Now you can play along without any extra editing

Twitter And Vine Choose Hearts Over Stars And Smileys

Twitter’s making changes and nothing is sacred. Today’s change, while not as dramatic as making tweets editable or more than 140 characters, is definitely something that you’ll notic

Dorsey: “Twitter Is Getting Easier To Use Every Single Week,” TV Ad To Premiere During World Series

During Twitter's Q3 earnings call, CEO Jack Dorsey was joined by COO Adam Bain and CFO Anthony Noto. The call was broadcasted live on Periscope for the second straight time. Growth didn't appease Wall

You Can Now Tie Your Twitter And Vine Profiles Together, Vine Displaying Your Total Loops

You're on Twitter. You're on Vine. Now, people who follow your tweets will be able to reach your Vine profile and vice versa.

Vine Loses Its Last Co-Founder To Twitter Layoffs

None of the three cofounders of Vine are still working on Twitter’s video-sharing app. Rus Yusopov, the last man standing, as it were, was one of the 300+ employees who was laid off in Twitter r

Vine ❤️ Music

Vine, the six-second looping video app from Twitter, has today announced a significant feature update that brings more attention to the audio in users’ videos. Starting tomorrow (Friday), Vine u

Vine Promotes Its Top Stars With New Suggested User List

When people find a social media creator they love, they’ll keep coming back to whatever app hosts their content. Vine, the six-second looping video app owned by Twitter, has today announced an
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