• Stylish Tokyoflash ‘Keisan’ watches look nice, require above-average math skills

    Ah, the Tokyoflash watches. We’ve covered them time and time again here on CrunchGear, yet I’ve never personally written about them since I haven’t had any experience with them yet. Well that all changed a few weeks ago during CES. Read More

  • Tokyoflash's first watch of 2009, the R75

    The guys over at Tokyoflash have just announced their first new watch for 2009, the R75. Unlike some of Tokyoflash’s other watches this one actually seems simple to read while still looking cool. Click on for a full gallery and more. Read More

  • Kisai Denshoku: Shinjuku hot nights

    The Kisai Denshoku is an homage to the lights and skyline of Shinjuku but personally I think this watch by Tokyoflash looks more like a little hibachi waiting for some shrimp and a nice flank of Kobe beef. The Denshoku costs $247.72 and is available in white or black. Read More

  • Review: TokyoFlash S-Mode Oberon LED Watch

    Unlike John Biggs or Flavor Flav, I am no timepiece purist. In fact, most watch lovers might consider me a heretic; in an age where every TV, DVD player, camera, and cellphone totes a clock, I’ve come to consider watches less of a tool, and more of an accessory. Hell, I once wore a watch with a dead battery for over a month. As such, I’ve always been interested in TokyoFlash watches. Read More

  • New Tokyoflash watch: 7 selectable colors on one watch

    I’ve always liked Tokyoflash watches, but I’ve also always been wary of committing to a single crazy-ass color whenever a design impressed me; the ones I liked were always monochromatic. No more! The newest Tokyoflash timepiece, the Negative, sports 7 different colors you can switch between whenever you feel like it. At last, something to go with that day-glo jumpsuit you use… Read More

  • TokyoFlash Rogue: A labyrinth of connecting LCD blocks

    I have something I need to get off my chest. I love me some watches and I think TokyoFlash has done more for the watch industry than they know, creating high-design timepieces for not much money. But when time-telling becomes painful, I worry. From the TokyoFlash website about their new Rogue: “Once mastered, navigating the time is simple, but creates a sense of mystique to the… Read More

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    10 Days of CrunchGear: Timing in Tokyo

    Want to turn Japanese? How about an S-Mode Oberon IPB or Tokyoflash Infection from Tokyoflash. We’ve got one of each, so two winners total. S-Mode Oberon IPB -Breaking through the atmosphere with the same velocity as its predecessor Titan, this high quality time piece has a radiance that can be seen from another cosmos.  The S-Mode series brings you a stunning wrist wear design featuring… Read More

  • Tokyoflash SPACE WATCH!

    The Galaxy from TokyoFlash shows hours on the big pips, the red pips show five minute intervals, and the green pips show single minutes. While it’s not immediately intuitive, it’s a bit better than TokyoFlash’s traditional “the green blob shows the hours since your last bowel movement, the red blob shows milliseconds elapsed since 1929, and the blue blob is there to… Read More

  • Nekura Progression and Scramble watches: LED and LCDs make sweet love

    These two new watches from Toykoflash feature a unique LED system that can change the face color at the touch of a button. While the watches are standard TF fare — odd faces and cool designs — the real magic happens when you swap the red face for the blue, making you just that much cooler. Both are available now from Tokyoflash for $123.29. Read More

  • Tokyoflash Infection

    While this watch won’t turning you into fast-moving blood zombie with a maniacal thirst for human flesh, it will turn you into someone who wears a really cool watch. The new Infection features sassy little protoplasms that you decipher by color and the odd band evokes the harsh, biotoxic skin of a bloated, mutated cow. Great for parties! It costs $139 and comes in silver with a… Read More

  • TokyoFlash S-Mode Oberon: When legibility isn't an option

    I’m a watch purist so maybe the S-Mode Oberon isn’t for me. However, it is another cool creation from TokyoFlash and at about $150 it’s a considerable bargain. It has a stainless steel body, mineral crystal, and shows the time in a series of bright blue LEDs. You press the button once to view the time and again to view the date. Again, I totally dig what Paul is doing at… Read More

  • Tokyoflash contest is over, read on for consolation prize

    Our joint contest with TokyoFlash has concluded. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners should be receiving emails soon, or may have already gotten them. If you didn’t win a watch, well, you’re still a winner for reading the site, and that’s why we want to give you a special discount at TokyoFlash. Click below for “the deets.” Read More

  • Contest: Win a sweet Tokyoflash watch

    If you haven’t checked out our review of two Tokyoflash watches yet, go and do so. Because there will be a test! Seriously, there will. For your chance to win a cool watch from Tokyoflash (not necessarily one from the review, but hey), check out the instructions after the link. It’s quite simple, really, and in a few days we’ll have three winners. What are you waiting for? Read More

  • Review: Tokyoflash Star Performer and Zero-G watches

    Katana and Watchizaki
    You must have heard of Tokyoflash. They’ve got the coolest watches on both this and that side of Japan, and also make the best of those binary-time watches that puzzle you whenever you see them. I have two specimens of Tokyoflash gear right here with me — are they as solid as they look on the site? Read More

  • TokyoFlash Tibida: White LEDs!

    Another day, another crazy watch from TokyoFlash. This one is the Tibida with a binary and digital time readout that is actually cool. See, this thing shows time in binary and standard formats. The binary mode is a little hard to grasp but the numeric mode is genius. In most cases, the top LEDs show the hour and the bottom set shows the minutes in Arabic numerals. There is also a date display… Read More

  • Tokyoflash 1259Q watch: Remember, Chavistas, set your unreadable watches backward 30 minutes!

    Sure, it’s pretty, but can you tell the time? I’ve been watching Tokyoflash move from “cool gimmick” to “fashion-forward horology source” and I’m kind of dismayed by their latest invention, the 1259Q. I’m not even going to try to tell you how to read it, but I guess if you need the attention and can’t get it with your good looks or hygiene… Read More

  • Oots Oots Oots: You Gotta Believe the Equalizer BPM Helps You Raise The Roof

    Hey, funboys! Get a room! And while you’re at it, get an Equalizer BPM watch from Tokyoflash. This watch measures the audible BPM of any sound source — they’re saying it works as a heart rate monitor as well, but I doubt it — but for $65 you really can’t go wrong. It even has a little flashlight for picking out your next track. Hmmm… Dancing Queen or… Read More

  • WebTime Elite

    As a watch nut, I rarely drool over TokyoFlash’s odd designs or timepieces. Sure, they’re creative, but I’m a mechanical snob. Whatever. I like this one. This is an updated version of their WebTime watch which tells the time using overlapping polygons. It’s a clever design, great materials, and it’s just readable enough to be useful while not alienating the world. Read More

  • TokyoFlash Biohazard: They Live Among Us

    TokyoFlash sells some fancy watches, including a little something that our own little Raj wears around the house. Now, however, we’ve got one that can detect aliens even without having to slice their outer skins to get at the milky green skin underneath. A press of the button sends the watch into scan mode and the various panels & readouts animate as if scanning the area for life forms. Read More

  • TokyoFlash Presents Retsu

    Retsu, a watch by Saishin, is one of the smallest LED watches we’ve seen, and it’s available exclusively from TokyoFlash. Retsu is only 1.4 ounces, which is a lot lighter than most of the watches available on TokyoFlash. Telling the time isn’t as confusing as most of the watches found there, either: Amazingly simple to read, the lights race up to the digit then trail off… Read More