Synaptics’ new sensors point to button-free fingerprint readers

The FS9100 name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but then, no one really chooses fingerprint scanners for their flashy name. The latest technology from Synaptics could, however, very well alter

Tactus And Synaptics Create A Reference Tablet For OEMs With An Amazing, Disappearing Keyboard

One of the most impressive things we happened upon at CES this year was the <a href="">Tactus keyboard</a>, a special fluid-filled layer that

Your Next Trackpad And Keyboard Will Be Wafer Thin

If you've been complaining about the thickness of your trackpad, Synaptics has something to show you. Their new Forcepad trackpad technology is wafer thin and uses a capacitive force sensor to registe

Synaptics Demonstrates Windows 8 Trackpad Gestures On Video

We heard a while back that <a href="">Windows 8</a> would support multi-touch via the trackpad. Sure, there's some stuff you can do right now, but the promise made by

Synaptics' New Touchscreens Can Detect The Head Of A Pin

Synaptics is the company whose products you probably interact with every day without knowing. They’re always advancing the science of haptics and touch-detection, and their latest work is the mo

Button-less multitouch trackpad coming from Synaptics

<img src="" alt="ClickPad" />Synaptics, purveyor of fine touchpads, recently demonstrated its upcoming "ClickPad," which is basical

Replace the MSI Wind’s touchpad for $8

Apparently MSI has recently swapped out the Synaptics touchpad on the MSI Wind with a touchpad from Sentellic. What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, that thing you’re able to do with Synapti

The Orientation: Touchscreens

This week we’re going to take a closer look at what Devin thinks is just a fad. Touchscreens seem to be invading all sorts of devices from cell phones to TVs more so now than ever before. They&#

It's Spreading: Multitouch the lunch box, multitouch the breakfast cereal, multitouch the flaaamethrower!

  Big surprise here. The wonderful “multitouch” interface used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and new MacBook Air is; A) not Apple’s invention, B) famous because of Apple, and C) wi

Synaptics MobileTouch Lands In Huawei U550 Phone

If you’ve never seen Synaptics MobileTouch technology in action, pop over to their site and watch the demo video. But basically it takes all the fun touchpad technology you find on laptops using

Synaptics: The Prada and the Scrawla

I popped by Synaptics today, just on a whim, and was lucky to catch the LG Prada in its native habitat: lying, unloved, on a table. All that was missing was a credit card and some blow and we’d