The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward

Having a variety of prime, telephoto, macro, sport and the like, all with distinctive shooting characteristics is what give lenses their charm. However, Sony just took Nikon’s spot as number two

Sony soft-launches an educational robotics coding kit on Indiegogo

Every tech and toy company, from Apple to Hasbro, has an educational coding offering these days. Sony’s Koov kit has been kicking around Japan for a while now, and should be pretty familiar to anyon

Apple hires Sony’s Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg in original content push

Look out, Netflix and Amazon. After dipping its toe into the water with Planet of the Apps, today Apple announced the latest development in its push into original content. It is hiring Jamie Erlicht

The Xbox One X: Initial Impressions

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was able to make the latest generation Xbox so compact, and yet still so much more powerful. We had the chance to check out the console ourselves, and we were

Sony updates its PlayStation franchises with new Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War and others

Sony has been in control of a solid games catalog, both exclusive and multi-platform for the better part of this console generation. This year’s E3 presentation was no different, with updates to

Sony’s E3 2017 PlayStation live blog

Good evening!! Just over 24 hours after the Xbox One X was revealed, Sony is ready to enter the ring. Of course, the Playstation maker doesn’t seem to have any new hardware to announce, but we e

Watch Sony’s E3 press conference right here

Whether or not it has new hardware, Sony always finds a way to surprise us at E3. Expect loads of new games, and then there’s always the gold Playstation 4, which is on sale for $249 at the even

Sony revamps its Digital Paper tablet with new screen and interface

Sony's mammoth 13-inch Digital Paper tablet, essentially a huge Kindle you can write on, is still a pretty rare sight, but I've always had a soft spot for it. So I'm glad the company is doubling down

DefinedCrowd is teaching machines to better understand the complexities of language

What DefinedCrowd offers isn’t particularly easily to distill into a quick elevator pitch. Taking the stage today as part of the Disrupt New York Battlefield, the Washington state-based company deal

Sony debuts the new Alpha 9 mirrorless camera with 20fps continuous shooting

Minutes ago, Sony announced the new Alpha 9 flagship with and a new G Master telephoto lens. The Alpha 9's cherry on top is a new digital 35mm full-frame stacked 24.2MP CMOS sensor, with 20fps continu

Lessons learned from the Russian hacking scandal and our ‘cyber’ election

Information security -- or what is commonly referred to as "cyber" -- has dominated the narrative in this week’s hearings on Capitol Hill about the Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Despit

With PlayStation Now, you’ll soon be able to play PS4 games on your PC

Sony just announced that PlayStation 4 games are coming soon to the PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. It means that gamers will be able to pay a subscription fee and stream PS4 games to their Play

PlayStation Vue’s TV streaming service now lets you watch 3 streams on one screen

With a growing number of streaming TV services on the market – including, as of last week, YouTube TV – Sony’s PlayStation Vue is today launching a new feature aimed at differentiati

Sony stays in the picture with premium Xperia camera features

For all of its consumer electronics prowess, mobile has always been a tough proposition for Sony . The Android market is overcrowded for one, and the company hasn’t really done all that much to set

Sony surpasses expectations, selling 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets in first four months

Turns out there might actually be money in VR hardware. Since going on sale just four months ago, Sony details to the NYT that the company has sold 915 thousand of its virtual reality headset, the PS

Sony’s profit drops 84% to $169M as film business takes $920M write-down

Sony’s PlayStation business was one of a few bright spots from its latest financial report, which was overshadowed by a near billion-dollar write-down for its film business. The Japanese tech

Sony brings support for 360-degree YouTube video to PlayStation VR

Sony’s virtual reality headset has offered some form of support for 360-degree YouTube content since around Christmas time of last year, but as Engadget points out, things have been pretty spotty at

Sony’s newest Bravia TV is the first interesting TV I’ve seen at CES

There are so many damn TVs at CES it’s rare for one to get my attention — but Sony just announced a new TV for their flagship Bravia line that actually looks great. It’s a 4K HDR OLE

Up to 10 of Sony’s new speakers can be linked together for a ‘portable party’

Over the past few years, CES has become one giant A/V club for the folks at Sony . The show has essentially turned into a showcase for the hardware giant’s high-res TVs, headphones and speakers. An

LIVE from Sony’s 2017 CES press conference

It’s not officially CES until Sony takes the stage here in Vegas. Actually, it’s not technically CES until tomorrow morning, either way, but here we are at the Las Vegas Convention Center, nonethe
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