XM-Sirius in a post-DoJ world: Still needs FCC approval, NAB still complaining

[photopress:xmsir0325.jpg,full,right] The Justice Department gave its blessing to the XM-Sirius merger yesterday. Now we wait for the FCC to weigh in, most likely siding with Justice in giving the mer

XM-Sirius merger approved

The Justice Department has approved the $5 billion merger between Sirius and XM. No news on when the merger will officially happen, but you might want to start your petitions to keep your favorite cha

XM-Sirius decision this month says ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee

[photopress:arlenxm.jpg,full,center] A decision, one way or the other, on the proposed XM-Sirus merger should be reached by the end of the month. So says Sen. Arlen Spector, the ranking [Republican] m

Sirius launches Client 9 Radio: Scandal talk central

[photopress:client9radio.jpg,full,center] Classy, Sirius. Real classy. Sirius Satellite Radio today will launch Client 9 Radio, channel 126, a talk radio-format channel that will “explore the br

XM, Sirius extend merger deadline by two months

[photopress:melk.jpg,full,center] It’s been more than a year since the proposed XM-Sirius merger was announced and we’re no closer now to a combined company than we were then. But there&#8

ClearChannel begs gov't to help it keep making money by stopping sattelite radio

[photopress:wowcc.jpg,full,center] Wow ClearChannel has been working behind the scenes in a rather unsavory way to prevent the XM-Sirius merger from happening. I know ClearChannel is “evil&#8221

Claim: 'Drama' building around XM-Sirius merger tonight

[photopress:xmsiren.gif,full,right] Something’s afoot regarding the XM-Sirius merger tonight. Drudge has a sly little note on the left-hand column that reads: “Approved or Denied? Drama Bu

Why hasn't the XM-Sirius merger been approved yet?

What happened to the XM-Sirius merger? Announced last February, the merger appears to have hit a snag. We sat through all of December with little hints here and there—sources say an announcement

Portable Sirius Stilleto 10 receiver for $50 (and a merger update)

If you’ve been thinking about making the satellite radio plunge (and have your heart set on Sirius), today’s the day to whip out your credit card. Today (and today only, according to an e-

XM-Sirius merger could gets thumbs-up from DoJ today

The XM-Sirius merger, yet another story that refuses to go away. Whoops—it might go away today, actually. A recent Bear Sterns report suggests that the Department of Justice may give the merger

XM, Sirius shareholders vote on proposed merger today, await "OK" from gov't regulators

Yes, the painfully original XM-Sirius “logo” strikes again Judging by a number posts from earlier in the year, I can tell that a few of you are fans of, or at least followers of, of satell

Todays Takeover Rumor Bought to You By Google And Sirius

The Motley Fool is running a story on a rumor that Google is considering a takeover offer for US Satellite Radio provider Sirius. The merger between Sirius and XM has yet to be approved by Federal Reg

Sirius Goes Redneck, Launches "Nascar Collector" Show

Hun dee durr thar partner! I was juss crackin’ open a can of Milwaukee’s Best and saw that yer a NASCAR fan yerself! Ya know that high-tech satellite radio crap? The one that’s a &#8

miDock Portfolio For Sirius Stiletto Due In October

Polk Audio’s miDock Portfolio has been relatively successful as an iPod accessory — pretty good sound, pretty good value, pretty good looking — so Sirius Stiletto owners may be happy

Sonos Can Now Stream Sirius

Sonos, makers of everybody’s favorite way to stream music throughout your house, has announced a partnership with Sirius . The deal: Beginning today, if you’ve got Sonos’ Zoneplayer

XpressRC From XM Pumps Out The Tunes

XM is heating up the competition for portable satellite radio players by offering a new player called XpressRC. Delphi will be manufacturing the player itself and the offerings aren’t too shabby

XM and Sirius To Offer Cheap Al A Carte Offerings

Not a ton of info here, but apparently if this XM-Sirius merger actually goes through, you’ll be able to get your satellite radio on for cheap. Both companies plan to offer a low-cost $6.99 pack

Sirius Live Earth Feed Came From XM

For anyone who thought that merging XM and Sirius together would be a royal pain in the ass, this is the proof that it’ll be as easy as Kevin Bacon landing a role in a crappy flick. Seems XM was

Frank Sinatra To Host Sirius Show

Looks like Frankie is being raised from the dead. Sirius is debuting a new weekly program called “The Chairman’s Hour” that will be hosted by Old Blue Eyes himself. Producers have me

Volkswagen And Sirius Strike Deal

Looks like Sirius and Volkswagen have successfully completed a deal that will make Sirius Satellite Radio standard in select VWs from 2008 to 2012. The Touareg 2, New Beetle, New Beetle Convertible, G
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