FedEx’s new autonomous delivery bot has iBot wheelchair DNA

FedEx is a courier delivery and logistics company; and in 2019, that means it must also have an autonomous delivery bot. The delivery services company, known for its overnight shipping, unveiled Wedne

Lyft partners with Segway to deploy more durable scooters

Lyft is gearing up to roll out its next generation of shared scooters in partnership with Segway Ninebot. This comes on the heels of Segway-Ninebot’s announcement of its newest scooter, the Mode

Segway unveils a more durable electric scooter and autonomous delivery bot

Wear and tear is a major issue in the realm of electric scooters, resulting in a short lifespan of individual scooters and poor unit economics. At the Consumer Electronics Show today, Segway -Ninebot

Segway’s whacky new roller shoes will cost $399

Did you know Segway is making a pair of self-balancing roller shoes? It is! The company has been tinkering with all sorts of new form factors since it was acquired by Ninebot in 2015, from half-sized

Segway Robotics’ Loomo wants to be your little buddy

Everyone needs a robotic friend and the Loomo might be the best yet. Part pack mule, part Segway, part voice assistant, the Loomo packs a lot of goods into its self-balancing frame. The device is from

Segway’s first robot launches to developer partners

Segway’s moving along with its plan to develop its robotics capability, with the launch of its developer edition Loomo robot, the first robot it created and demoed last year at CES. The robot co

Stanford’s ‘Jackrabbot’ robot will attempt to learn the arcane and unspoken rules of pedestrians

It's hard enough for a grown human to figure out how to navigate a crowd sometimes — so what chance does a clumsy and naive robot have? To prevent future collisions and awkward "do I go left or righ

Segway’s smart mini-transporter is up for pre-order

Segway doesn’t mention hoverboards in today’s official Ninebot by Segway MiniPro availability announcement. Of course, it’s easy to see why the company would be so quick to distance itself fr

Segway Made A Robot That Connects To Your Two-Wheeled Scooter

Another day, another autonomous two-wheeled robot. Segway, the maker of two wheeled riding machines, has released something called the Segway Robot. This little robotic head connects to a standard Seg

Beijing-based Ninebot Acquires Segway, Raises $80M From Xiaomi And Sequoia

Intriguing news from the personal transportation mobility device sector: Beijing-based company Ninebot has announced that not only will it acquire rival Segway, but it has also scored $80 million in f

There’s A New Segway And It Has Three Wheels

Is a Segway still a Segway if it has three wheels? Meet the <a target="_blank" href="">Segway SE-3 Patroller</a>, a Segway with three

Me-Mover Step-Powered Stand-Up Bike Gets Funded On Kickstarter

Move over Segway, there's a new stand-up personal transporter in town. Or there will be come August when the first machines are scheduled to ship to Kickstarter backers. More than 200 users of the cro

Slow-Motion Segway Joust Break

<img src="" />Take one minute out of your life to watch these two grizzled warriors in a truly epic clash of the Segways. Yeah, I'd probab

Segways Pretty Much Banned In UK

<img src="" />Are <a href="">Segways</a> dangerous? Personally, it all depends on the dri

The Ewee-PT, A Budget German Segway

<img src="" />People movers. What would we do without them? Walk, I suppose. Unfortunately, that's not the best solution for some, whom age

Steadiseg: Finally, a use for a Segway I can get on board with

You see a lot of Steadicam work in movies today, and while the best of it goes unnoticed (as good technical work should), it’s fun to know that behind every smooth shot is a skilled and often im

Videos: Mobile robot RODEM

<img src="" /> There's certainly no shortage of so-called <a href="

New video shows Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Robot in its full prototype glory

<img src="" /> Remember the U3-X Mobility Robot from Honda we blogged about <a href="

DIY Segway skateboard. Yeah, you read that right: DIY

<img src="">I know of only one person who would be able to build this thing - my buddy Paul - but I would totally grab a beer and watch hi

Segway Acquired By UK-Based Firm, CEO Out

<img src="" width="120" height="200" />With no fanfare to speak of, Segway Inc, the company behind the gyroscope-powered, self b
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