Village Global raises $100M seed scout fund from Zuck, Bezos…

It takes a village to grow a startup, so Village Global is offering access to a deep network of top tech execs to lure founders to its seed fund. Today, Village Global announced it’s raised $100

Scout helps take the pain out of recruiting

New York-based Scout wants to take the pain out of hiring, by automating search and outreach for companies. The company is able to reduce friction associated with recruiting by presenting hiring ma

Scout’s DIY Home Alarm Gets So, So Much Smarter With An IFTTT Channel

I'm really digging Scout's install-it-yourself home alarm. It has its quirks, but it's a massive step toward everything I want in a security system. Today, Scout gets even better — and so, so

A Gift Guide For The New Grown-Up

I’ve dressed as Peter Pan for more Halloweens than I can count, but no matter my opposition, I can’t help but to enjoy living in a clean, decorated apartment, where the fridge is full and

The Scout Alarm Is Always Prepared To Keep Your Home Safe

I live in a fourth floor walkup in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The building is old — I have to hide from hot water in the shower whenever a neighbor flushes their toilet and my floor is legitimately sla

Telenav Takes On Google With New OpenStreetMap-Based Offline Navigation SDK

Telenav has made a large investment in the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap (OSM) project and currently employs the project’s founder Steve Coast. With the help of this, the company hopes to take on G

OpenStreetMap Founder Steve Coast Leaves Microsoft For Telenav

Along with Wikipedia, <a target="_blank" href="">OpenStreetMap</a> (OSM) is one of the flagship crowdsourcing projects on the Internet, but unless you are watching this sp

T3 Reveals Scout, A Mobile “Context Engine” That Knows Where You Are & What You’re Doing, To Personalize Apps & Sites

Digital marketing and advertising firm <a target="_blank" href="">T3</a> (The Think Tank) is today launching a new platform for mobile application and website developers called <a t

Telenav Updates Its Scout iPhone Navigation App, Now Lets You Share Arrival Times And Locations

Telenav's <a target="_blank" href="">Scout for iPhone</a> is a pretty capable personal navigator that gives you voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, access to lo

Scout Can Wirelessly Protect Your Groovy, Wood-Panelled Bachelor Pad

Scout is a wireless security system that starts at $120 and is completely removable. The handsomely-designed units can protect windows and doors in your home and you can program reactions to various e

Just what TF2 needed: a female Scout and building disguises for the Spy

Team Fortress 2 has a huge following. And it should. It rocks. But it might be getting a tad stale to those that play it hours everyday. (me) That’s why developers crank out killer mods like the

Ooma to Land Tomorrow: Peer-to-Peer VoIP in a Pretty Package

While we’re spending our time pushing our Destroy Your Landline Contest, wherein you the readers are implored to destroy your traditional landline phones, something comes up that makes us want t

Hey, You Three! Disney Mobile Is Rolling Out New Features!

Good news for the few Disney Mobile subscribers out there. Looks like you’ll be getting some new features later this year. Some sound pretty useful actually, like a unique calendaring service th