• New SanDisk CF cards hit huge transfer speeds

    If you thought that anything with EXTREME in the title meant that it was the absolute best of its kind, think again! SanDisk’s Extreme CompactFlash cards have just been karate-chopped by its own newly-announced line of Extreme Pro cards. Extreme… PRO! Read More

  • Samsung drops bid to buy SanDisk

    Folks, don’t you worry. The world will go on. Sure, the Samsung buyout of SanDisk would have made the world a better place, but we can’t focus on that now. It’s not going to happen. Instead of an outright takeover, Samsung simply renewed its NAND flash chip licence with SanDisk for seven more years at a better rate. Read More

  • SanDisk rolls out new Clip players, say hello to the Sansa Clip+

    SanDisk has revved its line of tiny Sansa Clip players — now called the Sansa Clip+ for those of you keeping score at home — and, thankfully, hasn’t changed too much from the already-great device (see our Sansa Clip review here). Read More

  • SanDisk's 32GB Extreme III SDHC card is the world's fastest: 30MB/s

    HTC may have won the morning, but SanDisk also dropped a bit of news that may interest you. Its got a 32GB SDHC cards, which is due for release this August, that is said to be the world’s fastest, with speeds topping out at 30MB/s. Read More

  • Sansa Sits Satisfied At Second

    It’s officially official: the iPod is the number one media player in the known universe. The number two media player is the entire Sansa line from flash maker SanDisk. Eli Harari, CEO of SanDisk, admits that he’s content to sit at the number two spot. And why shouldn’t he? Read More

  • Review: SanDisk slotRadio

    Short Version: SanDisk’s slotRadio player provides good value as it pertains to content, with the $99 kit featuring 1,000 popular music tracks and an attractive hardware player. The “radio” portion of the slotRadio name should be given close attention — you can skip tracks but you can’t go backwards, and everything’s played in random order, just like… Read More

  • SanDisk Special Delivery Card sure to be loaded with great ‘content’ from wireless providers

    Be on the lookout for fancy, new memory cards from SanDisk. They’ll go by the name of SanDisk Special Delivery Card, or SDC when speaking in mixed company, and are basically gussied up microSD cards. SanDisk made ’em for people like Verizon Wireless and AT&T to load up with hot, exclusive content. Ring tones, videos and the like, I suspect. Read More

  • Re-Rumor: SanDisk to be bought out by either Samsung or Toshiba

    Sandisk may be the target of yet another buy out attempt. Rumors are starting to go around again that both Samsung and Toshiba are looking to make an attempt. Analysts are skeptical, but no one knows anything for sure as none of the companies involved wanted to comment. Read More

  • Quick Look: SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 reader/writer

    About two weeks ago SanDisk announced their refreshed ImageMate memory card readers and most times we’d pass right by it without a second thought, but these seemed different. The transfer speeds that SanDisk boasted seemed intriguing and the one-touch transfer button seemed like a novel idea, but it’s all a sham, folks. Well, we haven’t tested the transfer speeds yet, but… Read More