RIM’s New PlayBook Promo: All Models For $299

Well, if you were hoping to snag a BlackBerry PlayBook on the cheap, it looks like now's the time to act. In what seems like a move born of desperation, all models of the PlayBook are now going for <a

Retailers Offer Last Minute Holiday Price Breaks On RIM’s PlayBook

It's clear that the BlackBerry PlayBook is a tough sell (unless you <a href="">don't have to pay for them</a>)

5,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks Stolen From A Truck Stop

Wow! They must be breaking mirrors, opening umbrellas and walking under ladders over at RIM because this is starting to get unbelievable. A big rig, carrying around $1.7 million worth of BlackBerr

RIM To Miss Earnings Goals After Half A Billion In PlayBook And Outage Charges

RIM has announced that it will be taking over half a billion dollars in charges related to two major failures this fiscal year. First is the immense overproduction of the <a href="https://beta.techcru

RIM Shows Off PlayBook Email And Calendar Apps

One of the primary criticisms of the <a href="">BlackBerry PlayBook</a>, and rightly so, was the omission of native email, contacts, and calendar applications.

BlackBerry PlayBook To Come Pre-Loaded With PressReader: Instant Access To 2,000+ Newspapers

RIM's <a href="">BlackBerry PlayBook</a> tablet computer will soon come <a href="

Best Buy Kicks Off PlayBook Sale, Cuts Prices By $200

We reported earlier this week that<a href=""> Staples and Office Depot </a>are running sales promotions for

RIM’s PlayBook Gets Discounted At Office Depot, Staples

Canadian RIM fans have been privy to <a href="">some solid deals</a> on RIM's ailing Pla

64GB PlayBook Gets Price Cut To $550 At Best Buy

It may not be quite the savings we got from the $100 TouchPad, but taking $150 off the top of the <a href="">PlayBook's</a> price may help move a few more unit

RIM To Finally Fix The PlayBook Tablet, BBM and Native Email Coming In September

The <a href="">BlackBerry PlayBook</a> is impressive upon first look. You pick it up, quickly scroll through the apps, and jump online. It all works like it's

BlackBerry PlayBook Diehard Takes To Stores To Help The Retail Placement, User Experence

The BlackBerry Playbook has some dedicated fans. Not many, of course, but they are certainly out there. One such fan took to the forums with a rather novel idea on how to support RIM an

Did RIM Cancel The Planned 10-inch Playbook?

It seems that RIM might have gotten the memo that consumers aren’t exactly flocking to the BlackBerry Playbook. The same site that broke specs about the 10-incher a few weeks ago is now reportin

No Native Email On Playbook Due To Blackberry Restrictions And Poor Planning By RIM

<img src="" />The <a href="">Playbook</a> is a study in missed opportunities. The sexy form f

Is the PlayBook 4G Delayed Until This Fall?

<img src="">Somehow we missed this yesterday, but it seems as if the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G is shelved until the fall. This broke durin

O2 Dumps BlackBerry PlayBook Due To "Customer Experience Issues"

<img src="" />Here in the States, <a href="">RIM</a>’s BlackBerry PlayBook hasn’t exa

RIM: BlackBerry PlayBook Hitting 16 Additional Markets Over The Next 30 Days

<img src="" /> BlackBerry maker <a href="">Research In Motion</a> (RIM) this morning <a href

RIM Deals Out OTA Update For The BlackBerry PlayBook

<img src="" /> So maybe <a href="">RIM</a>’s initial foray into the tablet

WSJ: AT&T, Verizon Ambiguous About BlackBerry PlayBook

<img src="" />Just a few days after the BlackBerry PlayBook’s one-month birthday, the nation’s top two

RIM Issues Statement On Recall Of About 900 Playbooks

If you own a Playbook, you’d best check your serial number. There is a very minor issue in some Playbooks that cause it to freeze or fail during an initial software update.

Weekend Giveaway: A 16GB BlackBerry Playbook

<img src="">A few weeks ago we gave away a BlackBerry Playbook and, much to your disappointment, you didn't win. In orde
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