Playbook, a fitness platform that puts creators first, raises $9.3 million

Playbook, aiming to be the Patreon of fitness content, has raised an additional $9.3 million in Series A funding from, Michael Ovitz, Abstract, Algae Ventures, Porsche Ventures and FJ Labs.

Playbook, a creator platform focused on fitness, raises $3 million in seed

Playbook, aiming to be the Patreon of fitness content, announced the close of a $3 million seed round from several notable angels today. The investor roster includes Giphy founder Alex Chung, StyleSea

YC-backed Playbook wants students to make plans online, hang out offline

Social planning apps have yet to take the world by storm. A handful of these apps tried and failed years ago, and even Swarm decided to ditch that methodology and focus on location logging. But a new

After Near-$1B Inventory Write-Down, BlackBerry Starts Selling Unlocked Smartphones Direct To U.S. Buyers

Well that was quick: Not long after T-Mobile announced it would stop carrying BlackBerry hardware in its retail stores (but continue selling them online), the Canadian smartphone maker has revealed a

BlackBerry CEO Confirms No BB10 Update For The Aging PlayBook Tablet

Here's a Friday morning PSA for you BlackBerry PlayBook owners: if you were feverishly clutching your tablet in hopes that BlackBerry would finally update it with a shiny new OS, you can finally put t

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins Says Tablets “Not A Good Business Model,” Evidently Forgetting About iPad

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins seems to be among the most transparent executives in tech in terms of showing his hand regarding future product plans, which may be partly because he doesn't have much to

BlackBerry CEO Talks Testing Smartphone-Powered Notebooks and Tablets, Will Share More Info In May

BlackBerry is launching the Z10 today in the U.S., but it's already looking ahead to what comes next, according to an interview between ABC's Joanna Stern and BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins. The compan

Are You A Jerk Who Wants To Share Your Sexual Conquests? Sadly, There’s An App For That

Our own John Biggs could tell you that there were some <a href="">terribly neat p

RIM Rolls PlayBook 2.1 Update, Improves BlackBerry Bridge, Data Security, And Android App Support

RIM is not done with the PlayBook. The company <a target="_blank" href="">just announced</a> a major update for its tablet. The software upda

The 32GB 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Is Now Available From Canadian Carriers For $550

RIM announced the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook <a href="">earlier this month</a> and it's fi

RIM Reveals The 4G LTE PlayBook, Plans For A Canadian Debut On August 9 (Updated)

<a href="">FCC filings</a>, <a href="

Developer Teaches RIM’s PlayBook A New Trick: How To Run iOS Apps

For all its (largely software-based) shortcomings, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook really isn't that bad a tablet, even if RIM ended up losing <a href="

BlackBerry PlayBook Update Adds Improved Android Compatibility

The <a HREF="">RIM</a> <a HREF="">PlayBook</a> by just received a developers update that adds some interesting new Android fu

LTE BlackBerry PlayBook Coming This Year, Says RIM CEO

RIM is keeping the PlayBook party going. While speaking at a BlackBerry World breakfast with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins stated the company plans to launch an LTE-enabled PlayBook by the end of the year. H

RIM Officializes Stance Against Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking, a term that has come to encompass several practices but generally refers to a user obtaining root access on their device, is controversial in a strange way. Companies like Apple and Nint

The Rightsizing Of RIM: 41 Megapixels Is Completely Meaningless, And So Is 500k Apps, Says RIM VP

It’s not nice to knock a company when it’s down, but I had a briefing earlier today in Barcelona with Alec Saunders, the head of developer relations at RIM, which -- depending on whether you suppo

Finally: RIM Releases PlayBook 2.0 OS; Email, Android Support Included

By most accounts there aren't very many people out there in the world using PlayBooks, but for those that are, or are considering the purchase of one, comes some good news: RIM has finally updated the

The $199 PlayBook Returns For A Limited Time

Back in November, there was a run on <a href="">PlayBooks</a> when the price was briefly reduced to $199. For a tablet that started out with a premium price, t

Hands-On With RIM’s New BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS: Great, But Too Late?

When <a href="">RIM first launched the BlackBerry PlayBook</a> last spring, we were all rather shocked to find that RIM's stand-out co

BlackBerry PlayBook’s Next OS Plays To RIM’s Strengths: Email, Calendar, Productivity

CES generally isn't RIM's stomping ground, but the Canadian company is here in force. Chief among RIM's news is details about the upcoming PlayBook refresh. Available for download next month, PlayBook
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