• Pentax K-7 gets a Limited Silver Edition (in Japan)

    Pentax released their seventh generation SLR, the K-7, last summer, and it turned out to be a great camera. And today Hoya Pentax in Japan announced [press release in English] a limited edition of the K-7 (simply dubbed “Limited Silver”) whose main selling points are a silver-colored body and a “golden section ratio” focusing screen. Read More

  • Pentax drops its new point-and-shoots

    So Pentax announced some new cameras today, and while they aren’t going to blow anybody’s mind, I can’t do a disaffected anti-post for every point-and-shoot announcement. And besides, it isn’t Pentax’s fault. Their cool stuff is being saved up for NAB and all that; they can’t release cool lenses and DSLRs every day. So, without further ado, meet the… Read More

  • All of Pentax's PMA offerings revealed, I-10 probably the only interesting one

    Well ride with me across the Spanish countryside and call me Sancho Panza: All of Pentax’s Optio cameras have leaked before PMA, revealing very little except a few simple specs for the I-10, H90, and E-90 lines. The I-10, shown here, is very retro with a 5x wide zoom and a 12.1 megapixel sensor. It’s in the Canon G10 vein, with a bit more apparent ruggedness. Read More

  • Japan gets the Pentax K-x in "robotic colors" (limited edition)

    The Pentax K-x was announced last month, and it seems to be a very decent entry-level camera. We already reported the device will be available in a few different colors in Japan, while the US only gets black, white, and red models. And today Pentax said in Tokyo [JP], they are ready to roll out a very special version of the K-x, which is a particularly colorful model inspired by the so-called… Read More

  • The Pentax K-x to be available in all the colors of the rainbow (and some others)

    Pentax just rolled out the K-x late last night, but the official announcement only mentioned black, white, and red models. Bor-ing. Soon the camera will be available in a multiple colors in Japan – but everyone can play with the online creator. Read More

  • Pentax K-x officially out; specs and price confirmed

    All this info got released a little early, so you can head over to the earlier post to get the specs. The news here is that it’s going to be $600 with a kit lens (18-55 f/3.5-5.6). There are a couple more pictures as well. Looks like a solid little camera, and that’s the lowest price for decent DSLR video I can think of as well. Read More

  • Pentax K-x leaked: 12.4 megapixels, HDR mode, 720p video at 24FPS

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this soon, but it looks like someone ate Pentax’s cake today by releasing some details about the upcoming K-x camera, an entry-level DSLR with HD video capability. There are a couple pics and all the vital statistics, but no samples of video or anything like that. Read More

  • Unidentified red Pentax DSLR spotted

    Hello, red. I’m thinking that this unidentified Pentax is probably a limited edition K2000d or the unannounced K-x. You may recall that the company also has the limited edition white and olive drab models too. The red might not be for everyone, but damn, it’s kind of hot. We’ll probably get more info shortly so keep your trousers on. Oh, and nice robot. [Pentax forum via… Read More

  • The real hands-on with the Pentax K-7

    So my “hands-on” post was really more of a “quick look” or a “look at some sample images” post than a hands-on you’ve grown accustomed to from CG, so I thought it wise to have a real hands-on of the Pentax K-7. I’m a Pentax user and I let the fanboy in me get the best of me. Apologies. Now here’s the real hands-on, but before we jump into… Read More

  • Sample images from the Pentax K-7 at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

    One of the downsides to covering gadgets on a daily basis for as long as I have is the fact that I think everything is crap. Very few things excite me and anything that does usually ends up falling short of my expectations. It’s unfortunate, but once in a blue moon does something not only impress, but also exceed my expectations. Case in point, the Pentax K-7. Read More

  • Pentax rolls out the P80, E80 point and shoots

    Also announced today from Pentax are the P80 and E80 digital cameras. The 12-megapixel P80 is capable of recording HD video (720p) at 30fps and features an improved face detection function to recognize your mug even when it’s at an angle. Said function can see up to 32 faces in about 0.03 seconds. An ISO of 6400 should help in low light situations. The P80 will be available in September… Read More

  • Pentax announces the WS80 waterproof camera

    </a Pentax recently announced their brand new W-series camera, the W80, and today they’re introducing its little brother, the WS80. The 10-megapixel shooter features a 2.7-inch LCD, 5x internal optical zoom, HD video capture (720p at 30fps) and a waterproof case that’s less than an inch thick that’s capable of withstanding up to five feet of liquid. The WS80 starts… Read More

  • Pentax K-7 now shipping

    Break out the credit card, photogs. Pentax is now shipping the K-7 DSLR body for $1300. You can find the HD shooting, all weatherproof, magnesium alloy shooter at the Pentax Store or Amazon. Adorama and B&H don’t seem to have them in stock yet. My birthday is this weekend, so if one of you could buy this for me that’d be great. K? Thanks. Read More

  • Pentax Japan gets 300 "haniiero" W80s

    Why must Pentax Japan deny the US of those badass special edition cameras, like the silver K20D or the camo K2000? Pentax Japan must really hate us because they’ve released a limited run of 300 honey yellow Optio W80s, which were announced last week in a trio of ho-hum colors. Pentax Japan Read More

  • Samsung GX-30 DSLR specs supposedly leaked

    Now, I can’t attest to the legitimacy of this spec list leaked by PhotoRumors, but let’s take a gander at what the GX-30 is purportedly equipped with. Assuming you understand the relationship that Samsung has with Pentax then one would assume that the GX-30 is simply a clone of the recently announced K-7. But is the GX-30 just that? A clone? Read More

  • Pentax upgrades the W-series with a more rugged Optio W80

    I’ve always said that the W-series from Pentax should be the only point and shoot in their lineup, but I, apparently, know nothing of marketing and business strategy. Today marks the arrival of the optio W80. It’s not only waterproof, but now it’s shockproof, dustproof and coldproof. Dunk it under 16-feet of under, drop it from 3.3-feet high or subject it to sub-freezing… Read More

  • Pentax K-7 sensor to be updated before launch

    According to Amateur Photographer, Pentax plans to tweak the sensor in the upcoming K-7 before it hits retailers. They’ve held off on their review of a pre-production K-7 after learning from Pentax UK reps that the DSLR would get a modified sensor. We’ve contacted Pentax here in the US to verify this information. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $100 off Pentax K20D

    With the K-7 on the way, Pentax looks to be clearing out the K20D DSLR. Pentax has just announced a $100 instant rebate that goes into effect today and runs through till June 20. Two lenses will also see a $100 rebate. After the instant rebate, the K20D will drop down to $700 and the 18-55mm lens and 16-45mm lens will drop down to $780 and $1100, respectively. Pentax Read More

  • Pentax K-7 sample video and image bonanza

    With a handful of beta K-7s in the wild, sample images and videos are starting to trickle in from various parts of the world, including Korea, China, Russia, Germany and even my home state of Oregon. I suggest viewing the originals rather than the compressed versions that I’ve used in the post. Read More

  • Samsung to launch GX-30 DSLR next month?

    Where’s my saltshaker? Photo Rumors has been tipped off by a reliable source that Samsung plans to announce a new DSLR next month, the GX-30. Keeping in mind the relationship that Samsung has with Pentax, I’d assume it’s just a clone of the newly announced K-7 since the GX-20 was clone of the K20D with a few cosmetic differences. Read More