• Peek Email Device May Find Life In Europe: The PeekFON

    The U.S. press hasn’t been particularly kind to the Peek email device. It isn’t that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – email. The issue is more that people already have their phones to do this, and those phones can also deal with images, links to websites, etc. But the Peek may just be the perfect device for Europe, and Spain’s FON is going to take a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peek e-mail device with $10 monthly service (today only)

    Now might be a good time to lock in one of these Peek devices if you’ve subscribed to the idea of mobile e-mail and texting without the cost and complexity of an entire smartphone. Today only, Peek is offering $10 monthly service for the lifetime of the device. Read More

  • The fourth day of Peek-Mas

    We’re giving away five Peek Protos this week, one a day, and we want you to ask us nicely for one so we can give you one. What I’m basically trying to say is that you should respond to this post with a comment (using your real e-mail address) and also follow CG on Twitter and watch the Gift Guide for more special things. Read More

  • The second day of Peek-mas

    We’re giving away five Peek Protos this week, one a day, and we want you to ask us nicely for one so we can give you one. What I’m basically trying to say is that you should respond to this post with a comment (using your real e-mail address) and also follow CG on Twitter and watch the Gift Guide for more special things. Read More

  • The Just Because We Love You TwitterPeek Giveaway #Crunch

    If you’re a Twitter freak and think that a dedicated Twitter device is just the thing for you, read on. This week we saw the launch of the TwitterPeek, a cute little device built by Peek that will do just about anything you want it to do, as long as all you want it to do is access Twitter. It won’t surf the web. It won’t make phone calls. It won’t support third party apps. Read More

  • What, exactly, is the Twitter Peek?

    I just got my hands on the the Twitter Peek (AKA the Tweek) and I’m trying to figure out who, specifically, this is for. First, let’s consider this my review: this device is not very good if you’re a Twitter “power user” like myself or anyone else with maybe 100+ followers and a few hundred folks you follow. To be clear, this isn’t quite Peek’s fault… Read More

  • The TwitterPeek is a Peek that tweets

    Remember the Twitter Peek thingie Peter Ha spotted last week? Yeah, it’s official now and is actually a neat little device if you Twitter a whole lot and don’t carry a smartphone. Wait, what? Read More

  • Peek goes Twitter and is now available at Blockbuster

    Peek, the tiny non-smartphone smartphone dedicated to email and messaging, is now available at Blockbuster stores across the nation. Peek buyers will also receive one month free of Blockbuster Total Access, a Netflix-like service that lets you rent DVDs and BR disks by mail or in-store. You can also refer a friend and get a $15 Blockbuster gift card. The Pronto costs $59.99 with… Read More

  • The Peek Pronto now offered for $299 with lifetime service

    The Peek has been around for a year already and surprise, surprise, it’s still around. In fact, you can now snag one without a monthly subscription charge for $299 exclusively from Amazon. Now, I’m not saying you should spend $299 on a device that just does email now that smartphone’s monthly subscription costs are dropping, but someone out there might want a dedicated device… Read More

  • Gadget Club: The Final Winner

    Ladies and gentlemen, after extensive counting I have found that AV has won the Gadget Club contest with 91 votes. He and his Atomo are WINNAR! And with that we close our Gadget Club contest with special thanks to Radio Shack (le Shack) and Peek for sponsoring the festivities. Read More

  • Peek has Linux aspirations, wants help

    You know the little e-mail-only device called Peek? Well, the company is hoping to get Linux running on the device and is looking for a someone to do it for them. If someone actually accomplishes the goal, Peek will offer that developer/hacker a mini-consulting gig, which we can only assume is a paying gig. But a Peek with Linux on it, you say… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: A Peek for $19.99

    The Peek, everyone’s favorite tiny email device, now costs $20 for the Aqua edition. Note that the Peek requires a $19.95 a month service plan for unlimited email, but with a price this low you’re almost getting the device for free. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Peeks for $25 @ Target

    I stumbled upon a little surprise during a quick trip to Target last night: Peeks are clearanced out at Target. Read More

  • Peek Rumors: Google Maps, cheap e-mail

    Peek made a spectacular splash last year winning loads of accolades for doing one simple task – e-mail. Being the technophiles that we are, the entire tech community bitched and moaned about what else the Peek should have in the feature set. Yes, we simply cannot leave things the way they are. So, Peek seems to have heard our whining and it appears a new device or OS upgrade is on the way. Read More

  • Peek Pronto leaked, Peek confirms with details

    So the other day a new device from Peek called the Pronto was leaked out and Peek wasn’t afraid to disavow any knowledge of it. In fact, they told us what’s been improved on the Pronto! I don’t have much to say, but I will give a leak away.. it is much, much faster in every way possible. The time to open a menu on 1.08 is .09 seconds. The time to open a menu on Pronto… Read More

  • Peek e-mail device goes after small businesses with $150 five pack

    Peek is trying to drum up some small business business (I meant to type “business” twice, ROFL!) with a five pack of its $20-per-month e-mail devices for $150. A single Peek e-mailer now costs just $50 out the door, so the five pack results in $100 worth of savings. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy one Peek, get one free

    Amazon has a schmoopie-riffic Valentine’s Day deal for you and your lovie. Keep in constant textual contact with one another with a two-for-one Peek sale. Just add two of the devices to your cart and one of them will be zeroed out, for a grand total of $79.99. Read More

  • A peek inside the Peek

    Such a clever headline, I know. Having had a Peek for several months, I’ve come to the realization that keeping things simple isn’t always the best option. Sure, for those folks who don’t want a BlackBerry the Peek is a useful device, but I have to wonder who actually uses these things. I think RIM should rerelease the first BlackBerry but with an updated façade. If… Read More

  • Peek e-mail device selling for $44.44 for 44 hours in honor of the 44th President

    I don’t know about you but when I think of the inauguration of our 44th President, I think about the Peek e-mail device. I can’t shake it! It’s all I can see when I close my eyes! Read More

  • Peek + unlimited service for $299 (today only)

    Whoa, ho, ho there. Take a look at this. If you’ve been intrigued by the e-mail-made-simple Peek device but thought the $20 per month outlay for service was a bit too steep, you can get the device with unlimited service for $299 today. Read More