• PSP Go to come with UMD game-transfer service

    The question that has been on everyone’s minds regarding the PSP Go (“Um, what do I do with all my games that I bought) has been answered, though somewhat vaguely. John Koller, Sony’s Director of Hardware Marketing, said that there will be a system in place for people to get their UMD-based games onto their PSP Go. No, you won’t be ripping the UMDs directly; Koller… Read More

  • Notes from Sony's E3 press conference

    While the call of the open E3 show floor left us with nobody in an actual seat at Sony’s two-hour-long press conference, we have eyes and ears everywhere. Everywhere. Read More

  • E3 2009: Nyko's latest accessory offerings revealed

    We’re skimp on details until we hit the Nyko booth, but we have images of Nyko’s upcoming accessories for this year. They all seem to be pretty straightforward. So without further ado, I present to you the DSi Zoom Case, PSP Charge Grip Flex, and the Wii Type Pad Pro. There’s the Speakercom 360, but there aren’t any images of it yet. No release dates or prices have… Read More

  • PSP Go is go

    Here we go, friends. E3 is next week and Sony will be launching this UMD-less PSP Go with 16GB of memory. There’s even a freaking video out, after the jump. Read More

  • Oh yeah, there will be a new PSP at E3 all right

    It’s the rumor that refuses to go away: the next Sony PSP. Well, E3 is next week, thank God, and you should absolutely expect to see it, henceforth referred to as the PSP Go!, debut at Sony’s press conference. It will be UMD-less (you can hear developers cheering), and possibly cheaper. That, and the slimmed down PS3 is real, too. Read More

  • Lucas Arts announces Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for PSP, DS

    Shipping this Fall for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS is Lucas Arts’ latest installment in the Star Wars Battlefront series, Elite Squadron. Players can now engage in battle on foot and then take to the skies to continue the fight with every shot fired affecting the outcome of each battle on every front. Read More

  • Sony considering download rental services for PSP?

    Let’s not jump the gun, but a survey released by TNS Interactive hints that Sony might be considering a subscription-based game download rental service. Proposed pricing for a month would be $20 with a yearly subscription of $50 or $13 for a week. It’s just a survey and basically means nothing at this point, but would you be down for renting PSP games? Read More

  • Hottest rumor of all time: Sony considering PSP music service

    Looks like Sony wants to marry the PSP to a music service of some sort, à la iTunes or Rhapsody. That’s what “music industry sources” say, at least. And if there’s anyone more trustworthy than someone in the music industry I don’t want to meet them Read More

  • Tele Atlas to load realistic 3D city images onto PNDs

    Remember this day. Today is the day that you saw the future of GPS navigation. Tele Atlas has partnered with Norway-based BLOM to provide photorealistic maps to personal navigation devices. So far only 40 cities in Europe have been ported to the service, but many more are scheduled to be released in the coming quarters. Soon the days of having basic 3D boxes to represent buildings will be gone… Read More

  • Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP track list announced

    Can’t get enough of Rock Band? Want it on your PSP? Still confused as to how it’s going to work? Us too! While you’re thinking about how to actually play RB on your PSP take a look at the setlist and first batch of DLC that launch on June 9. The initial batch of songs includes hits from the 60s to 2000s totaling 41 tracks altogether. A 10 track DLC just about spans the… Read More

  • Sony announces the Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP bundle, available August 25

    Sony has just announced a brand spankin’ new LE Entertainment Pack for the Final Fantasy fans. It will be an exclusive pack to Gamestop that comes with a “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000, Dissidia Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on UMD and a 2GB memory stick. Get yours for $200 starting on August 25th at Gamestops across the US. On a side note, Nicholas and I… Read More

  • PSP-3000 hacked on 5.03 firmware

    We have visual confirmation that firmware 5.03 has been successfully hacked, and will run emulators. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the exploit hasn’t been released yet, and you’re just going to have to wait patiently to play Dig Dug (or do it here). Read More

  • Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny teaser trailer

    It’s certainly short, but the gameplay footage from Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur title for the PSP gives us just enough to keep us intrigued. Anyone excited for Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny? Read More

  • Video: Maus fur der PSP

    Some German guy attached a PS2 mouse to a PSP and played Coded Arms. via Nowhereelse Read More

  • Touchscreen slider "PSP Go!" confirmed for this fall?

    PSP 2 rumors have been coming and going for quite a while now, but now it’s being claimed that internal sources are confirming a lot of the features we’ve all been hoping for. The PSP Go! name, in addition to breaking up sentences worldwide, reflects Sony’s recent Go! effort to provide video on demand and other mobile services. So what’s the new PSP got and what… Read More

  • How much is piracy to blame for the PSP's lukewarm success?

    It’s easy to pirate PSP games, that much we know. But what’s debatable is to the extent that it’s killing, or has already killed, the system. Fifty million PSPs have been sold thus far, yet Sony insists that the “sickening” rate of software piracy has “has taken out a big chunk of [its] software sales.” Read More

  • PlayStation details PSP firmware v5.50

    It’s not available yet, but Sony’s Eric Lempel, the Director of PSN Operations, detailed the key new features coming up in v5.50 for the PSP. The Information Board that scrolls up top on the PS3 XMB will now be ported to the PSP where I, for one, will continue to ignore it. Read More

  • Outrage: Porn found on 6-year-old boy's new PSP

    Shock! Outrage! Whatever! All words that are totally appropriate forthis here story. Get this: a six-year-old boy gets a brand new Sony PSP from Wal-Mart. He turns it on for the first time, and bam! A naked lady is set as the PSP’s screensaver. Now, in our book that sounds like a win, but the boy’s mother wants a pound of flesh. Read More

  • Silly patents: A PSP-controlled remote control car

    Yeah, that’s a remote-controlled car you see. And yeah, that’s a PSP being used as to control it. Madness, surely? Read More

  • Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP out on June 9

    Harmonix just announced that RBU for the PSP is launching on June 9 in both North America and Europe. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by my hands being the peripherals, but my tendinitis is already acting up. Like the console versions, Rock Band Unplugged will have World Tour, Band Survival and Warm Up modes along with character creator. It’s also going to feature over 40… Read More

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