• ProcessOut chooses the best online payment service for each transaction

    ProcessOut chooses the best online payment service for each transaction

    Meet ProcessOut, a French startup that automatically routes transactions to the best payment provider. This way, big online services can start using multiple payment providers, pay fewer fees and reduce the number of declined transactions. The startup has just raised $1 million from various business angels, such as BlaBlaCar CTO Francis Nappez, former PayPal Director of Global Business… Read More

  • Sony Shares Holiday Sales Numbers For The PlayStation

    Sony Shares Holiday Sales Numbers For The PlayStation

    Sony Computer Entertainment reported some solid sales numbers for its various PlayStation systems for the past holiday season today. Sony says that they moved a total of 6.5 million PlayStation 2/3/PSP/Vita units worldwide (Sony defines “holiday season” as between November 21 and January 5 in Asia, November 21 through December 31 in America, and November 18 through December 31… Read More

  • Overview: Japan’s Video Game Market In 2011 (Sales, Hardware, Software)

    Overview: Japan’s Video Game Market In 2011 (Sales, Hardware, Software)

    Japan’s video game industry is the world’s second biggest (after the US), but it’s on a downward streak for the fifth consecutive year. Based on sales, the country’s video game industry has contracted by as much as 8% year-on-year, Japan’s biggest gaming magazine Famitsu is reporting [JP]. Between December 27, 2010 and December 25, 2011, Japanese game… Read More

  • The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    Rather than looking back (which I’m sure we will), I thought it would be nice to look forward to 2012 and beyond and note some of the gadgets that will change the world in the next few years. I’ve included mobile, gaming, and computing gadgets but I think 2012 will also be the year of Windows Phone, 3D printing, and fitness technology that actually makes a difference. I’m… Read More

  • Sony Japan Announces UMD Passport Program for PS Vita Owners

    Sony Japan Announces UMD Passport Program for PS Vita Owners

    In case you are planning to buy Sony’s new handheld PlayStation Vita and were wondering what will happen to your UMDs, Sony finally made an announcement [JP] today, albeit for the Japanese market only at this point. The company says it will establish a so-called UMD Passport Program to make it possible to download versions of your personal UMD games. There is a bit of work involved… Read More

  • Sony Announces €99 PSP For European Cheapskates

    Sony Announces €99 PSP For European Cheapskates

    Instead of giving us any more concrete details on when the Playstation Vita will see the light of day, Sony announced the availability of a new PSP model called the E-1000 at their Gamescom press conference. Read More

  • Shake-up At Sony: PlayStation Inventor Retires, Kaz Hirai Becomes Chairman Of Sony Computer Entertainment

    Following the security breach in the PlayStation network in April (77 million PlayStation Network user accounts were compromised), Sony saw a radical management reshuffle in its gaming division, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), today. As you could expect, big S denies a connection between both incidents, but today’s decision probably doesn’t surprise anyone. Read More

  • Japan Gets Three New PSP Value Packs Next Month

    The PS Vita is coming relatively soon, but Sony Japan today announced [JP] something nice for all users still in need of a PSP: a total of three new PSP value packs. The bundles will include a PSP in Piano Black, Vibrant Blue, or Blossom Pink – and they might be the last ones you can get, at least before the Vita goes on sale. Read More

  • Sony Japan Rolls Out 6 Colored PSP Earphones

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced [JP] a set of 6 earphones for PSP users today. The earphones are nothing special technically (100dB/mW sensitivity, 16Ω impedance, 1.2m cable length), but their colors match the PSP’s color variations, plus they feature the PSP logo. Read More

  • Sony Stops The PSP Go

    I think we all knew this day was coming. A few retailers are reporting that their current stock of PSP Gos will not be replenished, and it seems that Sony has stopped producing the much-maligned handheld. Read More

  • Sony Pushing Music Unlimited Onto The PSP, Xperia Play, NGP

    Sony’s Qriocity Music Unlimited will find its way onto Sony’s major mobile devices by the end of the year. The company is seeking to offer a comprehensive solution that allows users to enjoy content on home entertainment products, computers, and mobile devices through one subscription service. Music Unlimited is currently on the PS3 and several Bravia TVs and Sony Blu-ray players. Read More

  • PSP Price Cut Ahoy: From $170 To $130

    Sony has dropped the suggested retail price of the PSP-3000 (not the PSP Go, then) from $170 to $130. Buy the PSP, then use the $40 to grab the new Tactic Ogre. Done and done. Read More

  • Playstation Suite: Sony Brings Playstation Games To Android Phones

    At their PSP2 launch event today, Sony did not only unveil the new device but also introduced “Playstation Suite”, a new cross-device game platform the company will use to bring Playstation 1 titles to Android phones and tablets (version 2.3 and up). In other words, Sony games will not exclusively be distributed to owners of the Playstation Phone that’s supposed to be… Read More

  • Report: Sony's PSP2 To Be Unveiled Next Week, PSP Phone To Follow Next Month

    Sony’s PSP may not have been as successful as the Nintendo DS, but it did pretty well overall (if you don’t count the ill-fated PSPgo): in September last year, sales reached 62 million units worldwide. But the PSP is six years old now, and it’s about time for an update. And if a report by Bloomberg today is to believed, Sony will unveil that update, perhaps called the PSP2… Read More

  • Sony Japan Announces Super-Cute "PSP Value Pack for Girls"

    Sony Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new PSP bundle today, the so-called “PSP Value Pack For Girls” (official name), and not too surprisingly, it’s completely in pink. Technically, you can’t expect any changes, but Sony is throwing in special ribbon earphones and a cute bag (also in pink) that were designed just for this bundle. Read More

  • Angry Birds Is Coming To PlayStation 3 And PSP

    We’ve spent quite a few posts on Angry Birds in the last months, and now the super-popular smartphone game is coming to the Sony PlayStation 3 (and PlayStation Portable) via this week’s PlayStation store update. That’s right, you’ll get to play Angry Birds on an HD console or a portable gaming system (which doesn’t have a touchscreen). Read More

  • Report: Playstation Phone Is Based On the PSPgo, Will Go On Sale This Spring

    We’ve spent quite a few posts on Sony’s Playstation Phone in the last few months, and today the Asahi Shimbun (one of Japan’s biggest newspapers) is reporting [JP] that the device will be released in spring next year. Not a big surprise, but what’s interesting is that it will hit Europe and the US first, if the report is to be believed. Read More

  • Sony Drops Even More Hints About Possible PSP Phone (But Doesn't Want To Confuse Consumers)

    More hints—if you can even call them that—about a possible “PSP phone,” however that manifests itself. Kazuo Hirai, the top gentleman over at Sony Computer Entertainment, has said that if Sony were to create such a device it’d be very important not to confuse people about its capabilities, or even its purpose. “We don’t want gamers to be asking… Read More

  • Vintage Video: Gaming Systems Of The Past Confront PSP-Kefka In Final Fantasy VI Showdown

    I humbly ask that you watch this video. There’s a small problem: it’s split up into six parts, and is 30 minutes in length in total. But it’s great, so consider it an investment. Read More

  • Leaked Pictures May Show PSP2

    We’ve heard about the PSP2 for going on two years now, but this is the first we’ve ever seen of it. And it may not even be it. See, the leaked pics you see are from a development kit with a form factor that may or may not be final. Reportedly, a second dev kit has been put out that has a fused body, like the original PSP. Still, it’s a peek behind the curtain, and we… Read More

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