• The PEN Is Mightier Than The Point And Shoot: Olympus Announces New M4/3 Line

    Olympus just announced the new PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3, and PEN E-PM1. Why so many, you ask? Well, this is a full range of M4/3s cameras in various sizes – the granddaddy P, the “light” PL, and the mini PM. The E-P3 costs $899 with 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Image Sensor and 14-42mm lens. Only the E-P3 has been priced but here are some specs on the other, smaller cameras. In… Read More

  • Do Not Swallow: Olympus Releases Tiny E-PL Promotional Cameras

    No, you cannot take pictures with these tiny E-PL1 and E-PL2 cameras, but you can, feasibly, buy one and carry it around on your keys. Sadly, you can’t take pictures with these tiny, removable-lens cameras, although that would be amazagasmic. And remember: “It’s love, It’s a pen.” Read More

  • Retractable Cap For Olympus XZ-1 Looks Evil, Practical

    Olympus’s XZ-1 competes with models like the Canon S95 and Panasonic LX-5 in the “primo point and shoot” market, and looks good doing it. But having a manual lens cap can sometimes be a pain: it’s either dangling from a lanyard, taking up space in your pocket, or getting lost somewhere. This excellent retracting lens cap fits over the lens and splits apart to get out… Read More

  • Olympus LS-20M: A Pocket Cam With A Focus On Audio

    We recently reviewed the Zoom Q3HD, a pocket cam (like your Flips and Playsports) with a little extra love given to the audio side of things. Olympus has decided to take that route as well with its new LS-20M… a pocket cam with a little extra love given to the audio side of things. What, I said it was the same route. Read More

  • Review: Olympus E-PL2 Micro 4/3s Camera

    Short Version To be sure, Olympus’ micro 4/3s cameras, the E-PL1 and the E-PL2, are changing the way we think about removable lens cameras. However, I worry that high price coupled with potentially limiting features will cause some shooters to shy away from this line. While that may be the case, I encourage anyone thinking about a point and shoot or ultrazoom camera to look into these… Read More

  • Olympus Outs DM-620 PCM Recorder

    Believe it or not, handheld mics are a blogger’s best friend — I use the Zoom H1 almost daily. The DM-620 PCM is no different. The handheld mic records uncompressed 16 bit/48 kHz Linear PCM audio and stores it on the 4GB built-in memory (up to 32GB with microSD/SDHC Card). Features like auto-leveling, scene select, noise cancelation, zoom microphone and low-cut filter help… Read More

  • Olympus Releases Some Point And Shoots

    Olympus, who normally makes our favoritest portable camera in the world, the E-PL1, just announced three standard point and shoots into the world. The SZ-30MR and SZ-20 are your bog-standard shooters while the Tough TG-810 is apparently “crushproof,” which is great if you work at Fred Flintstone’s quarry and tend to leave your camera near the brontosaurus that lifts the… Read More

  • New Olympus Compacts Incoming On March 2nd?

    A trusted tipster has informed 4/3 Rumors that Olympus is planning on dropping a few new cameras come March 2nd. There’s no more information than that, but what’s this? Forum Olympus France has discovered some recent Oly patents for a couple big-zoom compacts. They’re not interchangeable lens models, more in the luxury point-and-shoot zone, but still could be worth your… Read More

  • Carl Zeiss To Start Making Micro 4/3 Lenses

    Our brothers at HuffPOL/Engadget snagged this press release announcing that Carl Zeiss, lensmaker to the stars, will start selling M4/3 lenses in the near future. Note the release does not describe any particular lens but instead promises to start building in the format over the next few years and that they are now part of the Micro Four Thirds System group, a set of companies dedicated to… Read More

  • Olympus E-PL2 Turns Into Doctor Octopus With Lights

    The Olympus E-PL2 is due to hit retailers soon, and we’re starting to see pictures of the accessories that will be available. Sure, there’s the standard fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses; but what other camera has lights on flexible arms? Read More

  • Olympus XZ-1 Joins The High-Powered Compact Camera Battle

    It’s a good time to be looking for “the little camera that could.” If you’re willing to spend $300-$500, there are some really compelling options out there. The Panasonic LX series is great, and for a little more you can pick up the excellent Nikon P7000. Now Olympus has a new entry to this particular arena, the XZ-1, and although the price and specs aren’t… Read More

  • Olympus E-PL2 Appears In The Rumorsphere

    This is kind of exciting but also not: the Olympus E-PL2 appeared in the camera rumornet but it’s not a major upgrade – at least so far – from the E-PL1. Improved features include a new “PENPAL” Bluetooth module that connects to the hotshoe and a new filter called “Dramatic Tone.” Sadly, it has the same good sensor but the size and shape are… Read More

  • Olympus Goes All In With M4/3, Says Sayonara To Entry-Level DSLRs

    Olympus, purveyor of fine photography goods, has put it on the record that they are out of the crowded entry-level DSLR game. I don’t blame them; with a great Micro Four Thirds series like the Pen, and with Canon and Nikon duking it out at the sub-$1000 level, they’ve got no reason to spend precious R&D cash on an also-ran product. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: "Augmented Reality Walker" From Olympus (Video)

    One of the “sub trends” of this year’s CEATEC exhibition (that’s currently taking place near Tokyo) is augmented reality, especially among the telecommunications companies. Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo is experimenting with an AR technology (developed by Olympus in 2008) called AR Walker. Read More

  • Olympus Releases Weather-Proof E-5 DSLR

    Olympus has updated its DSLR line with a successor to the E-3. It’s got a micro four-thirds sensor but it’s still an SLR, so M4/3 fans had better look elsewhere. This is a full-size camera. It’s aimed at the prosumer crowd, and like the upcoming Pentax K-5 and Canon’s 7D, it’s weather-proof (they say “splashproof and dustproof) and capable of HD video. Read More

  • New Olympus voice recorders: same old, same old

    No, you’re not seeing triple — those really are three totally different models of voice recorder from Olympus. Well, they’re not actually that different. Core functionality is largely the same between them: a few gigs of internal storage, rechargeable AAA battery, built-in stereo mics, and a monochrome LCD screen (now bigger!). People do, in fact, still use these; not… Read More

  • The Olympus PEN E-P2 now comes in silver

    If you’ve been living your life in an endless nightmare of pain, confusion, and horror, your prayers have been answered: the Olympus PEN E-P2 now comes in silver. Read More

  • Review: Olympus Stylus 8010 rugged digital camera

    Short version: This thing could take a bullet and keep on shooting, but its chunky form and average image quality don’t impress. However, if strength and resilience are your main criteria for picking a camera, you could do a lot worse. Read More

  • Olympus to address E-P1 manually focusing issues with upcoming firmware

    The Olympus E-P1 is a funny device. Everyone was stoked when Olympus first announced the retro camera, but then people actually got it in their hands. There were some issues with the first-gen camera. Some have been addressed in previous update, but now the manual focus is getting some attention with the upcoming 1.3 firmware update. Read More

  • Amazon is ready to take your Olympus E-PL1 pre-orders

    The Olympus E-PL1 budget micro four thirds camera launched last week but Amazon already has it available for pre-order. On one hand this pre-order will ensure you’re one of the first kids at school with the new toy, but that’s not going to be until next month away so you may wanna hold on to your $600 a bit longer. Something a bit more tantalizing might come along. Read More