• Marvel At Sony’s Microscopic OLED Electronic Viewfinder

    Marvel At Sony’s Microscopic OLED Electronic Viewfinder

    One of the marquee features of Sony’s new Alpha and NEX cameras, which by the way look excellent, is the new electronic viewfinder. I’ve never been particularly attracted to these things, preferring the mirror-based optical viewfinder on DSLRs or simply the large, bright LCDs on the back of most cameras. But Fujifilm’s X100 (despite its flaws) changed my mind about the… Read More

  • Samsung To Bring Its Flexible AMOLED Displays To Devices And Lighting Next Year

    Remember those cool flexible screens Samsung was showing off early this year? Well, they weren’t just for show and tell. Samsung plans to mass-produce these suckers in 2012, and plans to put them in everything that isn’t flat. Read More

  • Sony And Toshiba To Merge OLED And LCD Businesses

    The consolidation process in Japan’s electronics industry continues: Toshiba and Sony are in talks to combine their OLED and small LCD businesses, various Japanese news sources are reporting. The plan is to find synergies in the production for small LCD panels for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in order to catch up with Sharp, which currently holds the biggest share in… Read More

  • Limited-Run Solar OLED Lamp From Toshiba Distributed In Japan's Quake Zone

    Toshiba is distributing a little OLED lamp they designed to quake-stricken areas of Japan. The device is powered by either four AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack that can be powered up with solar or USB power. But there’s a catch (for us, anyway). Read More

  • Geo Cosmos: Mitsubishi Electric Shows 6-Meter OLED Globe

    If you have a chance to go to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo this month, do it: Mitsubishi Electric has just installed a 6-meter OLED globe, the world’s first of this size, in one of the halls in the museum. Visitors will be able to see the so-called Geo Cosmos with their own eyes from June 11. Read More

  • TDK Shows Off Transparent Bistable OLED Mobile Display

    The transparent display wars are yet to begin, since everyone is still prepping their devices, but that doesn’t stop the big guys like TDK and Samsung from throwing a little PR party every once in a while to let you know they’re still on the task. Today TDK released info on a new display, the UEL476, that’s a bit different from the rest. Read More

  • Toshiba Protoypes Ultra-Thin, Rollable OLED

    It’s not the first flexible screen we have covered in recent years, but it’s the first one from Toshiba. The company has developed a 3-inch OLED panel that’s 0.1mm thin and weighs just 1g (pictured). Apart from the size and weight, the main selling point of the OLED is that it can retain picture quality over a long period of time, according to a recent report in The… Read More

  • Sony's Outs Two New OLED Monitors

    It took Sony just two months to update its TRIMASTER series of (pretty expensive) OLED monitors, and the two new professional displays the company announced [JP] today (a 25-inch model for $7,400 and a 17-incher for $,4900) are more affordable than the first ones (which went for $16,000 and $29,000, respectively). Read More

  • Fraunhofer OLED Display Takes Pictures Simultaneously

    A while back there was a crazy company trying to sell space cameras that could take pictures right onto a CPU that also acted as a display. Those people were insane, but this concept device is far from it. Fraunhofer, creators of MP3 technology, have built an OLED chip with built-in video sensor. That means you can take pictures and show pictures at the same time. It basically overlays two… Read More

  • Sony Announces TRIMASTER OLED Monitors

    It has become a bit quiet about OLED lately (apart from the NGP announcement), but today Sony announced [JP] not one but two so-called TRIMASTER EL master monitors with an OLED display. There will be a 25-inch (BVM-E250) and a 17-inch model (BVM-E170), specifically aimed at TV and movie production companies. Read More

  • Apple Looking Into OLED Integration With New Patents

    One of the rumors we haven’t heard about the iPad 2 is an OLED screen. That’s because there’s pretty much no chance, and it would be incredibly expensive and difficult to manufacture by the million. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t at least thinking about the power-economizing, great-looking display tech. These patents show that they’re working on… Read More

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