Lenovo undergoes another big layoff round, mostly impacting Motorola

Late last year, Lenovo announced some massive layoffs following a quarter of bad financial news. The company let 3,200 employees go, as decline in PC demand, increased smartphone competition and curr

Hasselblad’s True Zoom Mod turns the Moto Z into a camera with a giant viewfinder

The latest add-on Motorola’s Moto Z line brings some serious photo taking gravitas to the compelling modular offering. The Hasselblad True Zoom essentially turns the handset into a skinny camera wit

Select Lenovo Android devices will ship with Office and Skype preloaded

One user’s bloatware is another’s feature. And really, depending on where you fall on Microsoft productivity software, this could go either way, really. Lenovo announced today that it’ll be prel

Motorola opens its Moto Z modular system to hardware developers

Motorola – or, perhaps more accurately, Verizon – has started selling the modular Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid Editions today (starting at $624 and $720, respectively), along with the JBL SoundBo

The Moto Z is an intriguing if not fully formed glimpse at a modular future

Fast processing, hi-res screens, good cameras. Sure, some are certainly better than others, but even the bad ones are capable of things unthinkable on a mobile device not all that long ago. Heck, at t

Motorola delivers a lot for a little with the $199 Moto G4

In a world of me-too handsets, Motorola hasn’t had much trouble setting itself apart. Often times that comes in the form of some specific but important feature like crazy battery life or an ultra-to

Amazon is now subsidizing the Moto G and other smartphones with on-screen ads

In a move that is both altogether unexpected and entirely predictable, Amazon is announcing this morning that it will bringing the same on-screen ad subsidized price cut its been offering on its own K

The Moto G4 is arriving in the US July 12th, priced at $199

Looks like it won’t be too much longer until U.S. users can get their grubby paws on Motorola’s forthcoming fourth-gen Moto G. Announced last month right around Google I/O, the baseline G4 will be

Hands-on with Moto’s modular Moto Z and a few of its crazy accessories

The Tango-powered (and weirdly named) Phab 2 Pro wasn’t the only crazy phone on display at Lenovo’s Tech World today. Joining it on stage was a new handset from Lenovo’s sister compa

Motorola’s new Moto Z line features swappable modular smart backs

Anyone else starting to get the feeling that all of these modular smartphones are becoming interchangeable? Not in the sense that you can swap products cross-platform, of course. That’s not how prop

Lenovo video teases return of Motorola’s iconic RAZR flip phone

Motorola's RAZR surely stands as one of the most recognizable phones of yesteryear (although myself I preferred the Samsung Trace) — and while the brand has been desultorily maintained by Verizon, a

Motorola shows off three new additions to its budget Moto G line

So much for pomp and circumstance. A day ahead of Google I/O’s official kick off, Morotola/Lenovo has spilled the beans about three new versions of the company’s warmly received Moto G line of bud

Motorola (Brand) Is Alive And Doing Well

<a href="">Two years</a> after Lenovo acquired Motorola, it looks like Motorola is doing fine. Or at least that's wha

Wearables Drive The Component Technology Innovation

For years, many of the key components of wearables have been drafting off the strengths of the smartphone supply chain. During the last two years, the application processors and sensors for wrist and

Apple Loses ‘Swipe To Unlock’ Patent In German Court

Apple has lost a challenge in the German court system that sought to overturn an earlier ruling, which voided its patent for ‘swipe to unlock’ in Europe. The patent (EP1964022) was granted

Smartwatches Decimated Traditional Watch Sales Last Month

An NPD survey is suggesting that the Apple Watch has pushed watch sales to the lowest point since 2008. NPD has found that watchmakers sold $375 million worth of watches in July, down 11 percent from

The New Moto X And Moto G Are Incredibly Cheap Yet Powerful Phones

Motorola has just unveiled its new lineup of smartphones, the Moto G, Moto X Style and Moto X Play. While these phones are mostly updated versions of their previous iterations, Motorola is sticking wi

Lenovo Launches Motorola’s Moto Maker Customization Suite In China

Lenovo re-introduced Motorola smartphones to China in January, and now it has launched the Moto Maker customization service there too.

Hands On With The New Moto E

Just this morning, Motorola sent over its brand new Moto E, a $149 (off-contract) Android smartphone that wants to give budget-conscious shoppers a device choice with fewer compromises. We’ve sp

Motorola Debuts The New Moto E With A Unique Press Conference

Motorola has a brand new Moto E, which packs a quad-core processor and LTE into a low-cost package that’s available to everyone. The Moto E starts at just $149, and goes on sale today in 40 mark
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