• Mini Partners With MOG To Develop New On-Demand Streaming Audio App For iPhone

    Today, Mini announced that a new streaming audio app from MOG has been approved to make its way to their Mini Connected system. Mini Connected is an in-car entertainment system that is fully integrated with the iPhone. A Mini Connected app is run on iOS outputting metadata to the center screen where the data is rebuilt on Mini’s interface. Read More

  • Sonos To Add MOG To List Of Available Music Streaming Services This Spring

    Are you a MOG user in proud possession of a Sonos Multi-Room Music System? Let me make you a happy man or woman: US-based MOG users will have access to the company’s on-demand music service through Sonos later this spring, the companies jointly announced this morning. With the addition of MOG, and recently Rdio and Spotify, the list of available music services is beginning to look like… Read More

  • Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

    We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps. —email attributed to Steve Jobs There’s been so much confusion in the wake of Apple’s new subscription billing policy for apps that Steve Jobs felt the need to issue the proclamation above via his preferred method, a personal email. (It’s his version of… Read More

  • MOG Lands Deal With Verizon, Will Come Preinstalled On All 4G Android Phones

    Here’s some big news for MOG, the premium music service that lets you pay $10 a month to stream an unlimited number of songs to your computer and your mobile devices (the mobile apps also let you download entire albums to your phone and save them locally, which is very handy). Today the company has announced that it’s landed a deal with Verizon, and it’s a big one: MOG will… Read More

  • Music Startups CAN Work: MOG CEO David Hyman Responds To imeem’s Dalton Caldwell

    This guest post was written by David Hyman, a self-proclaimed music junkie and CEO and founder of MOG, a startup that offers both a premium music service and a portal of music content. Before starting MOG, David served as CEO of Gracenote, the world’s largest music database and music-identification service, which sold to Sony for $260 million in 2008. Previously, he was SVP of Marketing… Read More

  • MOG Launches All-You-Can-Eat Music Service For iPhone And Android

    MOG Launches All-You-Can-Eat Music Service For iPhone And Android

    After months of waiting, it’s finally here. Streaming music service MOG has launched its mobile applications for Android and iPhone, giving subscribers unlimited access to its library of 8 million songs, which can be streamed or downloaded over both 3G and WiFi. If you listen to a lot of music, or just like being able to listen to music on-demand without having to sync to your PC… Read More

  • MOG Gets Green Light From Apple For Upcoming iPhone App, Lands Deal With Roku

    Good news, MOG fans. The online music streaming service, which allows users to listen to as many songs as they want for a flat monthly fee, has had its iPhone application approved by Apple after spending well over a month in App Store purgatory. The application isn’t available for the iPhone quite yet (MOG says it will launch in the next few weeks), but it’s been given the green… Read More

  • MOG's Music Streaming iPhone App Is Caught In App Store Purgatory, Too

    Yesterday we reported on a music-streaming iPhone application called Rdio that has been waiting for weeks to have an update approved by Apple. Now we’ve learned that this may be part of a new trend: MOG, the music portal that offers an impressive on-demand streaming music service, is also having issues with the App Store. MOG submitted its iPhone application over a month ago, and has… Read More

  • MOG's Music Network Gaining Fast On Competitors, Still Has A Ways To Go

    Things seem to be going well for MOG, the online music company that offers both an on-demand streaming music service and a large network of music blogs. In February the company raised another $9.5 million in funding and it has some promising mobile apps slated for release this quarter. Now the company is sharing some of its growth figures and how they compare with the rest of the… Read More

  • Spotify apes We7, cuts desktop premium subscription in half

    Perhaps acknowledging that the competitive landscape has changed, Spotify has introduced new pricing plans today. Premium desktop and mobile access is now split into two separate tiers, £4.99 and £9.99 per-month in the UK respectively. Rival We7 introduced identical pricing when it launched its premium offering in late January this year, while US-based MOG is also planning to enter Britain at… Read More

  • Live Blog: MOG Is Bringing Its Impressive Music Service To iPhone And Android

    I’m here in Austin, Texas, where MOG CEO David Hyman is introducing the service’s new mobile functionality. This is a major step for MOG, and may be an inflection point in the success of the service. Up until now, users have been restricted to using MOG’s streaming music service on their computers. That’s fine for casual listening at work, but as we’ve seen… Read More

  • MOGMobile – Not A Mobile Music App, But A Crazy Car

    When I saw the email talking about MOGMobile, I thought “yes, MOG is releasing a mobile app for their excellent new music service.” But no. MOG still says a mobile app is coming sometime soon. But MOGMobile is this crazy car they’re having built to take to the SXSW conference in March. From the guys creating it: “We are basically building out the van with foam which we… Read More

  • MOG Launches All Access, Sets New Standard For Online Music

    MOG’s much anticipated All Access music service launches today for anyone to come and give it a try. I’ve been using the service for the last few weeks and, despite my initial skepticism over the fact that users must pay for the service, I’ve been impressed. MOG makes millions of songs available users on demand over the Internet. The user experience and social aspects of… Read More

  • MOG All Access Music Service: Watch The Video Now, Sign Up On December 2

    MOG has set a launch date for its All Access music streaming service: December 2. That’s when you’ll be able to sign up for the hands down best music streaming service on the web. If you’re willing to pay $5/month, that is. Is it worth it? I’m definitely starting to think so. Partially because of the quality of the product (more on that below), and partially because… Read More

  • Another MOG All Access Teaser Video: Playlist Nirvana

    MOG continues to tease us with short videos showing parts of the upcoming MOG All Access music service. Last week they showed a video on playlist creation – the best part was seeing how search works. Now they’ve uploaded a new video that shows robust music discovery through playlist searching. Type in any number of artists and see playlists that include all of those artists. You… Read More

  • MOG Shows A Teaser Video Of New Music Service

    A month ago we were criticizing MOG for over promising and under delivering with their new All Access music service. Our chief complaint was that the service wasn’t free, which was the original vision. Today though, we reported that the odds are against Spotify launching for free in the U.S., and MySpace Music may move to a subscription model. Suddenly, MOG may be right in the thick… Read More

  • MOG Gives Lifetime Free Music Passes To All MOG Network Bloggers

    MOG is on the verge of launching a $60/year “all you can eat” music service. We criticized them for over promising and under delivering, since earlier this year they were talking about a completely free music streaming service. “Will MOG’s user experience be so compelling that users will pay $60/year for something they can get free elsewhere?” I wrote. We’ll… Read More

  • MOG Over Promises And Under Delivers With New Music Service

    Here’s the next contestant in the never ending stream of music services, each of which, inevitably, slide into financial disaster at some point. Music service MOG says they’ll launch MOG All Access by Thanksgiving this year. It’s an on demand music streaming and Internet radio service that will cost $5 per month. The four major labels – Universal Music Group, Sony… Read More

  • MOG Raises Another $5 Million As Traffic Nearly Doubles Since January

    MOG, the very popular music portal and blog network, has closed a new $5 million funding round led by Menlo Ventures, with existing investors Simon Equity Partners and Scott Jones also participating. Menlo Ventures’ Sonja Hoel Perkins will join the company’s board as part of the deal. The company has raised a total of $12.5 million since it was founded in 2005. MOG has been having… Read More

  • MOG Gets An Overhaul, Looks To Become Definitive Music News Portal

    Mog, a music-centric blogging network that launched back in 2006, is evolving once again. The site has relaunched its homepage at to serve as an authoritative destination site for music news. It has lofty goals, aspiring to become something akin to a ‘Huffington Post for music’ with a constant stream of content that lures visitors to come back multiple times a day. Coming… Read More