The Meta Watch M1 Is A Next-Gen Smartwatch That Isn’t Ugly

While I could go on and on about the features, the battery life, and the fancy software, the Meta Watch M1, the latest from former Fossil engineer Bill Geiser and designer Frank Nuovo, stands out beca

Metawatch Aims For The High End With New Smartwatches By A Former Vertu Designer

Metawatch, one of the first working smart watches that interfaced directly with Android and iOS cellphones, has announced plans to expand their line with the new Meta. Designed by former <a href="http

Watch Smartwatch Space For Continued Consolidation As Samsung Gears Up To Kick Off The Race

Last week, geek-focused early smartwatch player WIMM Labs was revealed to have been acquired by Google, lending strong support to earlier speculation that the search giant would enter the watch-based

How Sony’s SmartWatch 2 Stacks Up To The Pebble And The MetaWatch Strata

Sony's first go at the smartwatch mostly went unnoticed – a lot of people, myself included, had to be reminded of its existence when the Pebble made big waves for its huge Kickstarter funding succes

Kickstarter Darling MetaWatch Shows Off New Features

Every time I see a smart watch I scoff and chortle like an bitter old man watching a gymnast fall on TV. I'm just not into them. But the MetaWatch may have just melted my sclerotic heart. Here we

Move Over, Pebble: MetaWatch’s New ‘Strata’ Aims To Make A Splash On Kickstarter Too

Sure,<a href=""> the Pebble</a> has nabbed its share of headlines and accolades lately, but that doesn

A Hands-On With The Metawatch

We've been "watching" the <a HREF="">Metawatch</a> for a while now, wondering if it will ever take o