Nokia unveils the E55 at MWC09

<img src="" />Today at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Nokia's "Dean of Devices" Kai Öistämö announced the Nokia E55, th

Hands on with the Garmin M20: Meh.

This may give you an idea of how crazy Mobile World Congress can get: the first hands on demo of our trip went down when we were still at the airport. Well, in a car right outside of it – but st

MC is Barcelona bound

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona kicks off in just 3 days, and we’re headed out the door for the first leg of our trip. We’re still a car, train, and plane ride away – but Barcelon

T-Mobile dates, prices the Samsung Memoir

Today at MWC, T-Mobile unveiled the Memoir (again) and announced that it will be available February 25th for $249.99. You can find all the details you want on the Memoir here.

Sony Ericsson sort of announces the 12.1 megapixel "Idou"

Want to know something I learned today? If you forget the power adapter required for making US style plugs play friendly with the outlets in Spain and happen to have arrived on a Sunday, you are screw

We're off to Barcelona

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona kicks off in just 3 days, and we’re headed out the door for the first leg of our trip. We’re still a car, train, and plane ride away – but Barcelon

Acer parties like it's 2003 with new DX650, X960 smartphones

Somewhere in the heart of Mount Fuji, Acer’s crack team of designers are listening to Hail to the Thief and pounding back Zima because they have finally gotten the world’s attention. You s

Garmin-Asus outs the latest and greatest nuvifone – the impressive G60 & cute M20

<img src="" />In light of MWC next week, Garmin-Asus has made a full announcement about the upcoming nuvifone product line. Which, b

Facebook begins mobile blitz

<img src="" />Facebook strategists clearly see the potential for growth in the mobile sector, seeing as 13% of their users log in

Samsung delaying Android offering until late 2009

If you were holding your breath until MWC to see if Samsung would drop its promised Android-based phone, you can exhale. It seems that the Samdroid will have to wait, as they’re still in negotia

Sony Ericsson announces the W395 to get it out of the way

Joining Samsung in the mentality of “Lets announce small stuff before MWC so that people don’t notice our gigantic leaks” is Sony Ericsson, who has gone ahead and announced the W395

Sony Ericsson releases C903 Cyber-shot in a pre-MWC explosion of phones

<img src="" /> It's stirring. Even in this harsh economy, SE is still launching two phones for MWC, a move that

Archos unveils plans for an Android-based Internet Media Tablet mobile "phone"

Archos, best known for its line of hard drive-based portable media players, has announced plans to “extend its product line with a new ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile pho

Sony Ericsson to announce 8-megapixel "Hikaru" Walkman phone at MWC09?

Take the 8-megapixel shooter and slider form factor from the Sony Ericsson C905, up the screen from 2.4″ to 2.6″, throw in stereo speakers, dedicated music keys and an oh-so-necessary 3.5m

Two more Samsungs sneak out of the oven

Okay, seriously. Its gotta be intentional at this point. Samsung is a more than a dozen pre-MWC leaks deep, with everything from the lowest of lows to their higher-end stuff out on the table. Two more

Samsung to revamp TouchWiz for MWC09

With good ol Sammie Samsung’s pipes being all kinds of leaky this year, it’s not too surprising that Samsung is going ahead and announcing somethings right before Mobile World Congress. Mi

Samsung S8300 TouchWiz slider AKA Ultratouch coming tomorrow

Hey, you. Get off the couch. Samsung’s S8300 TouchWiz slider with 8-megapixel camera is coming out tomorrow. Pricing and carrier are unknown at this time, but if you’re into sexy sliders w

Confirmed: LG will debut the LG Arena KM900 at Mobile World Congress

When word first got out of the LG Arena, we figured it was safe to say we could expect an official debut at Mobile World Congress – and it definitely was. LG has just pushed a previously unpubli

Microsoft's SkyBox redubbed "My Phone", info page briefly goes live

Looks like the rumors from a few weeks back about Microsoft launching a MobileMe-esque product for Windows Mobile were spot on – except for the name. Earlier this morning a beta signup page brie

Yet another Samsung phone leaks: the C6625

Jeez – at this point, saying something like “when it rains, it pours” would almost seem rude. The number of Samsung phones leaked prior to MWC has now leapt out of “countable o
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