Secret Windows 8 Weapon: Kinect Built Into Your Laptop

The Windows release of <a href="">Kinect</a> is <a href="">coming up in a couple d

Now You Can Control Your Galaxy Nexus By Groping A Wall

The Galaxy Nexus's 4.65-inch display may make it a handful for some, but a <a href="">nifty new project</a> from a developer known as DDRBoxman allows users to in

Kinect Comes To Windows On February 1st

We knew that Microsoft's hit motion-control accessory for the Xbox 360, Kinect, was coming to Windows eventually. They've been hinting at it, people have been hacking it, and they even <a href="https:

Come On, Microsoft: Siri Is Making You Look Terrible

Last week, Microsoft overhauled the <a href="">Xbox 360</a>. The update brought dozen

Fly Or Die: The New Xbox “Metro” UI

Erick isn't much of a gamer, which is why he's particularly suited at assessing the new <a HREF="">Xbox</a> 360 UI, dubbed <a HREF="

ChaLearn Challenges You To Teach A Kinect Instant Gesture Recognition

There's seemingly no end to the clever things that people can do with a little know-how and a Kinect camera, and now it seems like the machine learning enthusiasts at<a href=""

Shopper Tracker’s Kinect Hack Is Like Google Analytics For Retail Store Shelves

Brick and mortar store owners can now get access to the same kind of analytics available to website admins. <a href="">Shopper Tracker</a> is a new product fro

New Kinect For Windows Adds Motion Control To The Common PC

Folks who want to connect their <a HREF="">Kinect</a> to their PCs can now use specially-designed hardware to add real-time, 3D tracking to programs, games, and r

SmartPal VII: A Humanoid That Can Be Remote-Controlled Via Kinect (Video)

We've shown you many <a href="">Kinect</a>-based hacks and applications over the past months, and here is a new one from Japan: major robot maker <a href="http:/

Microsoft And TechStars Launch Kinect Accelerator For New Kinect-Based Startups

The <a href="">Kinect</a> has proved fertile ground for hackers and innovators all over the world, from <a href="

More Mind-Blowing Real-World Kinect Interaction From Microsoft Research

Have you had your share of augmented reality this month? Between CMU's <a href="">OmniTouch</a>, Microsoft's

Kinect SDK Launches In Early 2012 (We Peer At Past Hacks)

Fresh on the heels of its <a href="">envisioned future video</a>, M

A Child’s-Eye View Of Microsoft’s Kinect For Kids

I took my six-year-old son Kasper to Microsoft's <a HREF="">Kinect</a> For Kids event yesterday in hopes of better understanding Microsoft's efforts at grabbing t

Build-A-Bear Releases Kinect-Capable Teddies

<a HREF="">Microsoft</a> and Build-A-Bear (a store where children can taxidermy the flayed corpses of teddy bears killed in the wild) are working together to c

Video: Kinect-Controlled Gigapixel Image Exploration

Obligatory Minority Report reference. There, it's out of the way, and we can enjoy this interesting video without worrying about when the allusion is going to drop. The University of Lincoln in the

PrimeSense Positioning Itself For Integration With Next-Gen TVs

The great smartening of the idiot box continues. It was several years ago that we started seeing the first internet-connected TVs, and since then TV makers have been adding more and more slightly usef

Video: Free-Moving Kinect Used To Map Room And Objects In Detailed 3D

We've seen hacks for the <a href="">Kinect</a> from the very start, and even some that suggested one like this might be possible: a Kinect being moved around lik

Kinetic Space Framework Allows PCs To Read Dance Moves, Sign Language

The Kinetic Space project uses almost any type of 3D spatial scanner - including the Xbox Kinect - to register and read gestures. How does it work? Well, first you register your body and then record

Microsoft Unveils The Kinect Star Wars Bundle, Trademark Droid Beeps Included

And I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations. And this is my counterpart R2D2. We've clearly been pimped out by Master George again. It was probably R2's fault. That malfunctioning little twirp. I told him

Will Asus’s Kinect Clone End Up Like Its Wii Clone?

Asus has been working with Kinect co-creator <a href="">PrimeSense</a> to put toget
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