Highway1 gets new leadership as co-founder Brady Forrest moves into an advisor role

There are leadership changes afoot at Highway1, the hardware accelerator arm of PCH. Co-founder Brady Forrest is stepping down from his role leading the accelerator, though he’ll be staying on as an

Loop brings retro-styled entertainment to the grandparental generation

Content is consumed from the big screen in the corner and you're probably on your smartphone morning, noon and night. Cramming itself into the gap in-between is Loop, a retro-looking device aimed at a

The best of Highway1’s hardware accelerator demo day

Highway1 is a rare breed of accelerator that has realized that the people who most need help are the folks who are doing the startups thing with hardware products. Uniquely positioned in the final-ver

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Hello friends, and welcome back to another episode of Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This time around we dug into the idea of automation, working to understand where to draw the line be

Dave McClure Says “Bazillion Dollar Club” Is Not Just Another Contrived Reality Show

Dave McClure is back on your TV this fall in yet another reality show focused on startups in Silicon Valley. Enter the ‘Bazillion Dollar Club. Call it a sign of the times. In the last tech boom,

Hollywood Comes Back To Silicon Valley With A New SyFy Reality TV Show

SyFy has greenlit a new, six-episode series that will follow teams of startups through the accelerator process in the Valley. The show, called The Bazillion Dollar Club*, is expected to focus on 12 co

Here Are The Startups From Hardware Accelerator Highway1’s Second Batch

Hardware is hot, and nowhere is that more evident than in the startup scene. But most startups don't have the requisite experience needed to handle sourcing materials and managing a supply chain -- ba

Highway 1 Is Ramping Up Their Search For Startups With $50,000 In Seed Money

Brady Forrest's <a target="_blank" href="http://highway1.io">Highway1</a> is looking for a few good hardware startups. The accelerator that brought us <a target="_blank" href="http://littlebits.cc/">L

CE Manufacturing Specialist PCH International Launches Its Hardware Incubator, Highway1

Electronics manufacturing specialist <a target="_blank" href="http://www.pchintl.com/default.aspx">PCH International</a> is looking to find new clients just as they start. To do so, it's creating an i