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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits NYC June 8, Everywhere Else June 17

    Even though we have to deal with 100-degree summers and 15-degree winters, hobos on the subway, and slow-walking tourists, sometimes it really pays off to be a New Yorker. Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Tab 10.1 won’t hit stores nationally until June 17, but a few lucky New Yorkers, and possibly some smart-shopping tourists, will be able to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1… Read More

  • Samsung Readies 4G LTE Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S III Prematurely

    As Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs 8.9 and 10.1 wait to launch onto the market, Samsung mobile boss J.K. Shin is already filling us in on forthcoming tablets from the South-Korea based company. In an interview with Dow Jones Newswires, Shin spilled that the company plans to release a 4G LTE-capable version of the Galaxy Tab later this year. In other words, you’re yet-to-be purchased Galaxy… Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 With TouchWiz Caught On Video (With Bonus Keyboard Dock)

    Samsung’s medium-size Galaxy Tab 8.9 is my favorite of the upcoming Android tablets, just based on its form factor and pixel density. And after seeing it on video, I’m more convinced than ever that it’s a decent machine, though I’ll have to hold it in my hands before I’m sold on the TouchWiz UI, which looks a little bit laggy in this video. Read More

  • Gingerbread Rolling Out To Galaxy Tabs?

    Samsung Italia is alive with the sound of Gingerbread! It seems that the country is among the first to get the Android 2.3.3 update for the original 7″ Galaxy Tab. It’s rolling out via KIES, Samsung’s useful device management tool, but naturally there’s no word of it here in the states yet. Remain vigilant! You could load it yourself before now if you really wanted to… Read More

  • Samsung Gives First 5000 Galaxy Tab 10.1s To Developers At Google I/O

    The giveaways at Google I/O have become one of the most-publicized features of the conference; after all, the new features and frameworks matter to developers, but Oprah MomentsTM tend to resonate on the internet. Previously it was handsets being given away, but this year, with Android handset numbers blocking out the sun and tablets underdeveloped, it was Honeycomb that ended up in… Read More

  • Gal Tab Now $199 With 2-Year Contract

    Everyone’s acceptable Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab, is now available from Sprint for $199 with a two-year contract, a sure sign that they’re basically trying to get rid of these things. Read More

  • Samsung’s WiFi-Only Galaxy Tab Up For Pre-Order In The UK

    During CES, Samsung said the WiFi-only Galaxy Tab (P1010) would come out Q1 of this year. Well, Q1 is almost over and we haven’t heard, nor seen anything about a price or shipping date. Those across the pond have recently found the P1010 up for pre-order on Amazon UK with an estimated ship date of March 31 and price of $477. What about the US? Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tabs 8.9 and 10.1 Are Official

    Samsung just announced their two new Galaxy Tabs, the 8.9 and the 10.1. Both are just 8.6 millimeters thick and support 4G and WiFi. Click through to watch the live video launch of these two Honeycomb tablets (with TouchWiz on top). The new tablets have “HD displays” and Samsung is moving into more services like something called ReadersHub, an ebook solution for the Gal Tabs… Read More

  • Leaked: Samsung's New Galaxy Tab 8.9 Info And Pics

    Looks like Samsung let someone wonder around the show floor a bit early at CTIA. to Sneaked pics of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, albeit of the signage, are out for your perusal. Many sources have pointed to Samsung’s big event tomorrow at CTIA for the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 release, and these photos certainly appear confirm the rumors. Read More

  • Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi To Cumber Shelves On April 4th?

    These days, if you want a Galaxy Tab (the little one that isn’t selling well, not the big one that’s not for sale), you need to go to your local cellular provider and get one on contract. Why can’t you just get one with wi-fi? I don’t know. But I guess Samsung started asking that question too, and decided hey, why not sell a wi-fi version at Best Buy? Read More

  • Galaxy Tab 8.9" To Hit Next Week At CTIA?

    If the Galaxy Tab 7″ is a little too small for your taste, but the 10″ is a bit too big, maybe I can interest the reader in the 8.9″ version? Rumors have been swirling that a version right between those guys might be coming soon, and this teaser on Samsung’s Facebook page seems to confirm it. Read More

  • Cause And Effect: Xoom Causes Galaxy Tab To Drop Price

    The Galaxy Tab originally launched with a $600 price tag after 2-year contract. Now, the Galtab is priced to sell: $299 after 2-year contract at Verizon. The price drop comes just after the Motorola Xoom released. Read More

  • More Hands-On Pictures With The Galaxy Tab 10.1

    We’re here at Mobile World Congress, and the brand new Galaxy S 10.1 was one of our first stops. My first impression? I like it. The larger size screen combines nicely with the different aspect ratio to make something that’s a nice medium-large size, and the grippy, sculpted back cover is a joy to hold. Of the several tablets I handled today (more hands-on posts on the way), I… Read More

  • Samsung Releases 10-Inch Entertainment Galaxy Tab

    It’s official: the Samsung 10.1-inch tablet just dropped at MWC complete with a Dual-Core Tegra 2 processor and Honeycomb on board. The device supports HSPA+ (so expect it on T-Mo or AT&T on our shores) and an 8-megapixel rear camera. We’ll have hands-on, but if the smiles of the ladies above is any indication, it must be a lot of fun. Read More

  • Rumor: Samsung To Announce The Galaxy Tab 2 On Sunday (Update: Website Confirms Tab II Name And Specs)

    The Galaxy Tab entered 2011 as one of the more worthwhile tablets on the market. It’s rumored that Samsung, wanting to stay competitive against growing tablet offerings, will release a 10-inch version of the Tab at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday. The new tablet will run Honeycomb: Android’s OS optimized for tablets. Samsung currently offers the Tab as a 7-inch tablet; a… Read More

  • Samsung: Galaxy Tab Return Rate 2%, Not 14-17% As Reported

    Samsung just can’t get ahead. First there was the little miscommunication concerning Galaxy Tab sales numbers which related to distributors and not consumers. Then a report hit stating that the Galaxy Tab was suffering high return rates. Samsung PR is back again, telling everyone to hold their roll. That report isn’t true. Read More

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Were "quite smooth" Not "quite small" — Or So They Say Today

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab saga continues! Okay, so first, the word was that Samsung sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs since launch. But that was to distributors and resellers, not to consumers as that numbers was “quite small.” Now Samsung is saying that it wasn’t “quite small” but rather “quite smooth.” Sigh. I don’t care anymore and it doesn’t… Read More

  • Just Kidding! Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Are “Quite Small”

    I had a premonition about this when the previous announcements of Galaxy Tab sales seemed unclear over whether the one million and two million figures were units sold to consumers, or units shipped to distributors. As it turns out, it’s the latter. So how many did they actually sell to people? Samsung didn’t give any figures, but when a company describes sales of a flagship product… Read More

  • That's Two Million Galaxy Tabs Served

    Two million! Good for Samsung! Although I can’t say I’d advise anyone to buy one of these devices, the Galaxy Tab probably was the best (if not the most affordable) of the 2010 stopgap generation of tablets. The sales of the iPad dwarf this, of course (nearly 8 million in the same period), but hey, like they say, first is worst, second is best, and third is… HP, I… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung Galaxy Tab Reduced To $249

    Get thee to the T-Moblery. The Samsung Galaxy Tab now costs $249 after a $50 rebate. Rumors of this price drop came yesterday but the tablet is available now online and in stores. Considering this is my favorite Android tablet, it’s worth a second look if you’re in the market. Read More