Formlabs retires the Form 1+ printer

Formlabs' Form 1 Kickstarter project was the first stereo lithography printer that ended up on peoples' radars. Its successor, the Form 1+, looked identical but had upgraded internals for increased sp

Formlabs adds new ceramic resins and tools for experimenters

Formlabs makes powerful 3D printers that can make objects that look as solid and smooth as injection-molded parts. Now, however, they’ve added improved materials including a new gray material th

Formlabs raises $35M Series B, announces Autodesk partnership

Formlabs is shaping up to be something of a rare bright spot in a world of desktop 3D printers. While plenty of other devices have come and gone, failing to live up to the promise of consumer electron

Formlabs acquires Pinshape, an online 3D printing community/marketplace

By the time the Form 1 began shipping to Kickstarter backers, the market was already flooded with countless 3D printers built around the same basic plastic extruding technology. But Formlabs offered s

The Formlabs Form 2 Brings The 3D-Printing Magic (Again)

Home 3D printing has grown by leaps and bounds over the past half decade. While some of the fluff and excitement has gone out of the technology, it is still the closest thing to magic we have in our w

Hands-On With The New Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer

When I first turned on the original Formlabs Form 1 I knew I was in the presence of something special. This 3D printer could make amazingly detailed models using lasers and resin, a process that was a

The Race To The Bottom Is Now Hitting Professional 3D Printers

The eagle-eyed among you will notice something interesting about the Riverside Photocuring 3D Printer pictured above. Almost all of the design – from the removable build plate to the jolly front

Join Us For A Screening Of Print The Legend, A Movie About Makerbot And Formlabs, On Sunday

If you like 3D printing and you’re free on Sunday night, I’d like to take you to a movie. Print The Legend is an amazing (and dramatic) tale of Makertbot, Formlabs, and 3D printing in gene

TC Makers: Making The Future With The Team At Formlabs

A few weeks ago I visited the headquarters of Formlabs in Somerville, Mass. where I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team in their small – but growing – workshop. There I saw a repai

Formlabs Just Made One Of The Best 3D Printers Better

The <a href="">Formlabs</a> Form 1 just got better. The new model, called the Form 1+ (note that this isn't the Form 2 because then it would be called the Form

A Chat With Maxim Lobovsky, Co-Founder Of Formlabs

I had the unique opportunity to sit down with <a target="_blank" href="">Maxim Lobovsky</a>, co-founder of <a href="

Boston And L.A. Pitch-Off Applications Close On Monday

You have exactly four days, depending on how much sleep you require, to apply to the TechCrunch startup Pitch-Offs happening in Boston and Los Angeles on April 8 and April 10, respectively. And if

Martha Stewart Goes 3D Printer Shopping At CES 2014

Interested in 3D printing and smartphone-controlled aerial drones? So is Martha Stewart. She and I had the pleasure of touring CES 2014's South Hall, where we checked out Parrot, Form Labs, and Ma

After Kickstarter, High-Res Form 1 3D Printer Maker Formlabs Bags $19M Series A To Keep Building

Formlabs, an MIT Media Labs spin-out and maker of the high resolution Form 1 3D printer -- which came up on Kickstarter (where it pulled in nearly $3 million in crowdfunding) -- has closed a $19 milli

Fly Or Die: Form 1 3D Printer

Early leader in the 3D printing space Makerbot may have just been acquired for <a href="

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Form 1 3D Printer, WWDC, And WWDC

If you've got that <a target="_blank" href="">summertime sadness</a>, look no further than this week's <a href="

Formlabs Prepares To Ship The Super Sexy Form One 3D Printer

The boy geniuses of Formlabs, David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky, and Natan Linder have posted a video detailing their Form One 3D printer, one of the most well-put-together 3D printing devices we've seen i

Form 1 3D Printer Goes Into Production, First Batch Scheduled For Delivery In Late April

After experiencing a roller coaster pre-production period, the folks over at FormLabs <a target="_blank" href="">have announced</a> that the

Formlabs Founder Shows Us The Form 1, A $3,000 Stereolithographic Printer

<a target="_blank" href="">Formlabs</a>, the little 3D printer company that could, sat down with us to show off their Form 1 printer, a stereolithographic system that creates surpri

Despite Patent Lawsuit, FormLabs 3D Printer Company Amps Up Beta Unit Production And Looks To Hire

FormLabs, the same folks that are bringing the Form 1 3D printer to market, has had a roller coaster year. After launching on Kickstarter with a <a href="
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