• Blast off! "Telstar" on guitar and effects pedals

    The Clavioline was one of the first electronic synths in existence. Built in 1947 by Constant Martin it was featured in the song “Telstar” in 1962. That’s what you’re about to hear, recreated with a guitar, amps, and EHX gear. Read More

  • New Effectology shows off reverb

    Who doesn’t love some reverb? EHX’s Effectology explores reverb in all its forms in this charming post. It sounds pretty boring at first but listen to Bill Ruppert go surfy on that git-fiddle then add a little something that sounds like a nice weekend out for the Doves or Blue Oyster Cult. Check out the Infinite Sustain at the end. It’s amazing, if a little Kenny G. Read More

  • Jack Conte rocks out with the EHX Riddle and Enigma

    Our favorite music nerd, Jack Conte, just did two great videos for EHX featuring the new Riddle and Enigma pedals. The Riddle is a guitar envelope filter designed for the 80 Hz to 5 kHz range and, as we see from this funk-gasm Jack recorded it sounds amazing. Read More