• CreativeLIVE Lands $7.5M From Greylock For Its Free, Online Classroom For Creative Entrepreneurs

    CreativeLIVE Lands $7.5M From Greylock For Its Free, Online Classroom For Creative Entrepreneurs

    With the rise of massive online open course platforms (a.k.a. “MOOCs”) like Khan Academy and Coursera, a new model of online learning has emerged, promising quality, affordable education at scale. This new generation of educational platforms offer alternatives to expensive degrees programs and physical classrooms in the hopes of ushering in Education 2.0 by emphasizing… Read More

  • Hands On With The Creative Tactic 3D Omega

    This console headset, announced at CES this year, is finally available for purchase. It offers 3D sound in a pair of high-end headphones along with a wireless dongle that sits behind the console and is nearly invisible. We had a few seconds with the headset today and they looked pretty solid, an important consideration when you’re talking about something that will eventually end up under… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Creative ZEN Style M300

    The ZEN Style M300 is a tiny MP3 player with a few tricks up its sleeve. Starting at a mere $40, these tiny, colored devices feature Bluetooth connectivity, a MicroSD slot, and a small color screen. A different device the M100, has all the features of the M300 except the FM radio. The 4GB 300M costs $49 while the 100M costs $40. At a fraction of the cost of any similar iPod, these little… Read More

  • Creative Releases The ZEN Style PMP

    Creative is offering their new PMPs, the ZEN M300. Price at $40 to $90 these tiny MP3/Video players have Bluetooth support and a micro-SD slot and FM radio. They come in 4, 8, and 16GB sizes and they come in black, white, red or yellow. The M100 is exactly the same but without Bluetooth. Creative has been doing great stuff in the speaker world recently, especially with their unique… Read More

  • Creative ZiiO 10 Tablet Hits The FCC

    The Creative ZiiO 10 isn’t exactly a secret. The Creative UK store posted its product page a few weeks ago, but the simple fact that the device is sitting with the kind folk at the FCC seems to state that a US release is immanent. Everything is available in the FCC docs: external photos, internal photos, user manuals, nearly everything but a price sheet. Read More

  • Review: Creative ZiiSound D5 and D200 Wireless Speakers

    I first got the Creative D5 and D200 speakers way back in June and have just gotten around to cracking them open and trying them out. It’s hard to write about a 2.0 speaker set simply because it’s not extremely super-exciting on the surface. However, if you’re looking for a good, wireless speaker system for the bedroom or kitchen, these are two kids that are worth looking… Read More

  • Hands-on with Creative's ZiiSound D5 and D200 Bluetooth speakers

    I’ve been following Creative for so long I feel like they’re old friends to me. I’ve been impressed over the years with their MP3 player line but they, like so many audio manufacturers, have seen the writing on the wall and the future isn’t in making the MP3 players – it’s in making the stuff that works with MP3 players. To wit: here we present the Zii Sound… Read More

  • World of Warcraft headset available for purchase

    While we reviewed it a few weeks ago, Creative’s World of Warcraft headset hasn’t been available for purchase until today. Time to get your geek on! Read More

  • Review: Creative World of Warcraft headset

    Short Version: Fresh from the box, Creative’s World of Warcraft, is here! They were designed for WoW players and their performance definitely reflects that. While a tad bulky, they don’t feel heavy.
    • Very Comfortable
    • Hard to hear outside the headphones
    • Wireless Mic works well. Does not get in the way.
    • Driver allows deep customization of audio to serve your… Read More

  • World of Warcraft headphones get pricing, details

    Creative is finally giving up some details on the World of Warcraft headset that they showed off at BlizzCon and CES. The price is a bit higher then we’d all like, with an MSRP of $159.99 for the wireless version, and $119.99 for the wired version. They do look cool though, I like the choice between the Horde and Alliance artwork lit up on the sides. Read More

  • And now Creative is jumping into e-book readers and tablets and funcookers and such

    We’re withholding judgment on the Zii platform until somebody really gets a chance to use it in a final form (you can see video of it running Android here), but little did we know that Creative has more planned for the vaguely-defined media platform than PMPs. They’ve just announced that we can expect a sort of media player/e-book reader with the Zii branding sometime…… Read More

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