ChaCha Gets Some Love (and Cobranding) From AT&T

<img alt="" /><a href="">ChaCha</a>, a free search service that lets you call or text in a question and get an answer in minutes via a return text message, got a confidence boost

ChaCha And Aardvark: Putting Humans To Work To Get You The Answers You Need

<img alt="" />Two startups, <a href="">ChaCha</a> and <a href="">Mechanical Zoo</a>, are taking different approaches to tap human intelligence, and

The Mystery Of The ChaCha Eiffel Tower Fail Pic

<img alt="" />I've aimed a lot of <a href="">criticism</a> at human powered search engine <a href="http://

No ChaChing For ChaCha Guides

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a><a href="">ChaCha</a> used t

ChaCha Cuts Pay Rate In Half, Prepares For Implosion

We’ve never been big fans of ChaCha, the human powered search engine that pairs you up with a “guide” who attempts to answer your questions in real time. The search model was obvious

Miss Tormenting ChaCha Operators? Let Me Introduce You To Stumpedia

Stumpedia, a “human powered search engine” we’ve not covered before has added live search results ChaCha style. This is how they spin it:, the social search engine that

ChaCha Ditches Guided Search Model. I Love To Hate This Startup

Well it only took ChaCha fourteen months to figure out what everyone except ChaCha (and these guys) knew when it launched – search with a human guide as a business idea is ridiculously stupid. T

Hey ChaCha, I Don't Like SMS Spam

Twelve days ago ChaCha, a controversial search engine that uses humans to answer search queries, rolled out a mobile version of the service. Ask it anything via text message, and they’ll send yo

ChaCha Launches Mobile Interface. They Still Suck.

I was surprised this evening to receive an email from the ChaCha communications team about a new feature they’ve just launched. I say surprised because we have not been kind to the service in ou

ChaCha: A Bad Idea Poorly Executed, Raises $10 Million

It is rare to find a company offering such a game-changing disruptive equation, even in the context of giants like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. These are the words of Morton Meyerson, the man who just

ChaCha: 90% Pranksters

I’ve been hard on ChaCha, the new search engine that pairs users with a human guide to help them find better results (see this TechCrunch Forum thread as well). I was supposed to meet with the C

A Place For Lonely Searchers

Lonely? Want someone to talk to? Go to ChaCha, a new search engine, and talk to a guide real time about your search. As long as you remain somewhat on topic, I’ve found that the guide will talk