• Boxee and Redux working to democratize the web

    Finding quality video content on the web is hard. There’s too much porn, or too many lolcats derivatives, and not enough crazy music videos involving LEGOs. Following John’s Posterous is one good way to find serendipitous content you might enjoy, but there’s only one John, and he does occasionally sleep. If only someone would make an app to crowdsource my web viewing, so… Read More

  • This Windows Media Center Boxee plug-in is a must-have

    Both Boxee and Windows Media Center are amazing and among the most popular media playback programs. However, they don’t really work together as they are both more platforms than anything else. You have to close out of one program to start the other and that’s not an easy task if you’re controlling your HTPC with just a remote from your couch. Enter Boxee Windows 7 Media… Read More

  • Maybe Hulu is right to block Boxee?

    If I may, I’d like to play devil’s advocate to something I wrote a few days ago. To quickly summarize, Boxee took issue with NBCU’s Jeff Zucker’s characterization that Boxee was some sort of rogue piece of software, and that Hulu is in the right whenever it blocks access to the XBMC-derived media player. How about this: maybe Hulu is right to block Boxee? Let’s… Read More

  • Boxee responds to NBC's Jeff Zucker's misleading statements to Congress re: Hulu-Boxee relationship

    The world’s worst manager, Jeff Zucker, who just so happens to be the president of NBC Universal, was on Capitol Hill today trying to persuade lawmakers to allow the proposed merger with Comcast go through. Interesting to note his take on Boxee’s relationship with Hulu, which, you’ll recall, has been something of a mess. Boxee adds Hulu compatibility, Hulu breaks said… Read More

  • Boxee to launch payment system

    Boxee has just announced their new Payment Platform, a system to offer pay-per-view and subscription content to paying customers. Boxee expects to take a small percentage of the payment – under 30% – for the service. This would in turn enable services like PayTV and a la carte media downloads, an important part of Boxee’s monetization plan. With the launch of the Boxee Box… Read More

  • Interview: We talk to the lead developer of Plex Media Center for Mac OS X: It was doing Boxee-like stuff before Boxee was cool

    As far as XBMC forks go, Boxee certainly appears to have the most heat. It has VC money pouring in, flashy deals with content providers, and you’ll soon be able to buy a dedicated D-Link box to more easily use it on your TV. But Boxee isn’t the only XBMC-based media center that’s worth your time. It’s not even the first XBMC fork to go out and make a name for itself. Read More

  • Boxee Beta Now Available To The Masses

    Boxee fans, today’s your lucky day: the service has just released its Beta to the general public. You can download the new version of the streaming video hub here. The new version is really a complete overhaul of the app — it’s received a new, sexier UI that makes it easier to browse through the service’s content (and anything you might have saved locally too). … Read More

  • QWERTY! On the Boxee Box remote!

    Read the headline again and smile. This little box just got a whole lot cooler. Now, how about the price. Read More

  • D-Link makes the Boxee Box official, still leaves us wondering

    D-Link just went official on the Boxee Box. But they still didn’t answer our only last question: the price. All they said is that it will be less than $200. Thanks, we kind of figured that along with that the device will stream media from various big-name sources like Netflix, Pandora and Stay tuned though, more info is likely going to drop at CES in a day or two. Read More

  • Boxee will have an iPhone App

    Looks like Boxee will release an iPhone App to control its upcoming set-top box, developed jointly with D-Link. The App will be on display at CES next week. Oh, God, CES is next week. With any luck Las Vegas will mysteriously disappear à la “Lost” before the show starts. That would truly be ideal. Read More

  • Analysts: Blah blah Internet TV boxes are blah blah a dead end

    Standalone set-top boxes like the Boxee Box and the Roku Player are good because they add Internet content to heretofore unconnected TVs. That’s a good thing. However, analysts at the Diffusion Group believe that the devices will eventually peter out to be replaced by Blu-Ray devices. Read More

  • More details emerge about the Boxee Box

    Everyone, where everyone means Internet nerds, has been talking a lot about the Boxee Box the last few days. For good reason too. It brings the ultra-cool software to your living room in an official product. AppleTV hacking will soon not be required to use Boxee on your HDTV. But with all the talk recently, some points have been missing. No more, Andrew from Boxee just posted a bunch of… Read More

  • Boxee and D-Link present the Boxee Box

    We know Boxee. We like Boxee. And when we heard Boxee was planning on dropping some dedicated hardware, our hearts… well, maybe they leapt a little bit, but there was also some skepticism there. Part of the fun of Boxee has been its hardware-agnostic nature. Put it on your AppleTV, put it on your micro-PC, put it on your iPhone — whatever. Would dedicated hardware take away… Read More

  • Boxee + Clicker = so close, yet so far

    I don’t watch a lot of television programming, and I’m not particularly patient with the way “Big Media” treats me, the consumer. I really wanted to like Flash Forward, but it’s pretty clear that the show is more interested in hitting that 100 episodes mark to earn syndication than it is in delivering an interesting, gripping story. So I gave up on that, and on a… Read More

  • Next up on Boxee: Sony Picture's Crackle

    Boxee is only days away from announcing the details about its upcoming hardware venture, and the good news keeps rolling. Crackle, which is a site I’ve never heard of but is apparently a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is the latest video site to be available on Boxee. Actually, this is really good news for Boxee users. Crackle has some great shows. Read More

  • Hulu Gets Ripped Out Of Rippol

    We’ve seen in the past year that Hulu gets testy about their video content being used on other sites or platforms, with Boxee and both forced to remove Hulu content from their sites and applications. Now startup Rippol is facing the same fate. Rippol just publicly launched their video discovery sites at yesterday’s Real-Time CrunchUp, which combines both complex algorithms… Read More

  • The Boxee Box will rock your sox!

    Boxee, everyone’s favorite HTPC software, just announced that the company just partnered with its first CE company. But that’s all the company is saying. We don’t know anything else. However, there is an event coming up on December 7th right around the corner from John’s house where we should learn more. I’m already excited though. Just think what this means. Read More

  • Myka ION brings Intel Atom and ION graphics into the living room

    Think of the Myka ION as a nettop built for your HDTV. The little media streamer utilizes an 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 330 CPU and an NVIDIA ION GPU to provide your TV with quality high-definition content. Actually, the Myka ION is more computer than dedicated media playback device, which is good thing. Well, a Linux-powered computer with Boxee and XBMC installed, that is. Read More

  • Real-Time Social Identity Platform Cliqset Launches Desktop And Boxee Apps

    We recently wrote about the real-time update and redesign of Cliqset, a Friend-Feed-like online identity platform that lets users merge and share a vast variety of social information, including status updates, location, photos, and more, onto one platform. Cliqset aims to be a one-stop-shop for social communications, pulling in content from close to 70 social networks and services… Read More

  • Boxee Watches $6 Million More In Funding Stream In

    Boxee, the media center software startup, has won a lot of fans with its open approach to streaming content. And as a result it has won some more money, to the tune of a $6 million second round, led by Boston’s General Catalyst Partners. The new money will be used for growth: Both expanding the team and expanding the service’s reach in the market, we’re told. But why now? Read More