• Blockbuster, She Is Dying

    Blockbuster is about to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close up to 800 stores. According to the WSJ, the move would wipe out Blockbuster’s debt and leave the company ready to take on the online market. Read More

  • Blockbuster Could File For Bankruptcy In September

    Like John Henry dying at his hammer, Blockbuster is just about ready to stop being a steel-driving man. According to the LA Times, the company could file for bankruptcy as soon as September in a move, while dire, doesn’t specifically mean the end of the company. Read More

  • The Unholy Union: Comcast And Blockbuster

    Now why would a cable company that handles pay per view movies and programming team up with a video store? I have no idea. But for whatever reason (perhaps desperation?) Comcast has joined forces with Blockbuster to deliver DVDs by mail. You’d think Comcast would just deliver the content via their high speed internet feeds, or receiver based delivery systems. Perhaps this is just a… Read More

  • Fox And Sony Throw Blockbuster Another Lifeline

    Only weeks after Blockbuster signed a deal with Warner, the company has signed new agreements with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It appears that the deals with the two studios companies will be similar to the Warner deal, which ensured that studio’s new titles would be available in Blockbuster stores and by mail the day they are released… Read More

  • Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    Warner's Strategy Revealed: Close Eyes, Pretend It's 2002

    When’s the last time you were at a Blockbuster? For me, it’s been a few years. And it’s been several years since I was going regularly. And I was only doing that because the then-Viacom-backed-giant drove the mom and pop video stores out of business in my community. I have no desire to ever step into a Blockbuster store ever again. But Warner Bros. sure wants me to. Today… Read More

  • Netflix Just Gave iTunes A Big Fat Kiss

    A new movie came out on DVD this week called The Invention Of Lying. It’s co-written, co-directed, and co-starring Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais and looks mildly entertaining enough that I want to rent it. So I load up Netflix to add it to my queue — but wait, according to Netflix, it’s not available until February 16. Why? Because it’s a Warner movie and as such… Read More

  • Blockbuster and Netflix 1, rental queue patent holder 0

    Good news in the lawsuit against Netflix and Blockbuster; the legal system for the great state of California has judged that the rental queue patent was not violated! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Blockbuster Express 2-for-1 $1 rentals

    Look at this. It was just yesterday that we learned about the Blockbuster Express DVD kiosks that will be invading NYC shortly and there is already a deal for the rentals. You can get two DVDs for only $1. That’s, well, cheap. Read More

  • Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosks to invade NYC

    Look out, NYC. Blockbuster is getting ready to roll out 200 Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosks in New York City. Why you ask? Well, according to the WSJ report, NYC is a Redbox weak spot with only three kiosks in the entire city while there are more than 20,000 nationwide. But just like the original DVD rental kiosk, Redbox, Blockbuster Express offers first run movies (which the movie… Read More

  • Blockbuster wants you to rent your movies on SD cards now

    Blockbuster, observing the popularity of services like RedBox (a DVD rental kiosk), has decided they’re going to skip a step and start offering movie rentals that come on an SD card. The new kiosks would load a DRMed movie onto your own SD card, and the content will expire after X viewings or days. They’re hoping that the better quality of the movies (vs. streaming ones or regular… Read More

  • We Know Hollywood Is This Dumb. Et Tu, Netflix?

    Back in August, we wrote about the Hollywood movie studios conspiring to keep new release DVDs away from services like Netflix and Redbox for as many as 30 days after their release. The idea behind this from Hollywood’s perspective is simple: If people can’t rent movies right away, they’ll buy more. Sorry, did I say the idea was “simple”? I meant… Read More

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