• A Security Check At Square Ahead Of This Week's Launch

    A Security Check At Square Ahead Of This Week's Launch

    Earlier today, testers of the new mobile payment service, Square, got a scare. Emails were sent out suggesting that users had changed their bank account information, and Square was emailing to let them know that the new account was verified. The only problem? These users didn’t actually change a thing. Obviously, this caused some concern, as did the note at the bottom of the email… Read More

  • Blippy's Security Plan: The Details

    As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, Blippy’s founders were hammering out a new security plan to assure users that all their information, especially their credit card numbers, would be safe. They delivered this morning, in their latest blog post, issuing new details about the blunder, how it worked with Google, and the framework for a go-forward plan. In addition, Blippy sounded… Read More

  • Blippy Not Hemorrhaging Users, Set To Unveil New Plan

    Imagine combining your best and worst week ever into one— welcome to Blippy’s world. This week the site closed a new $11.2 million funding round, got its first picture in the New York Times (leading an article on the new wave of social media sites), and dealt with a true PR nightmare when Google search results revealed the credit card numbers of five users. Although five users… Read More

  • Blippy's Response To Credit Card Data Breach: "It's A Lot Less Bad Than It Looks"

    Earlier today, VentureBeat detailed a major Blippy privacy breach that exposed user credit card information to search engines. The breach appears to have occurred on a small scale — Blippy believes that only four users had their credit cards compromised — but the fact that it happened at all is unsettling. After all, Blippy’s service asks users to entrust it with their… Read More

  • August Capital And CRV Spend $11.2 Million At Blippy. Valuation Now $46.2 Million.

    As we first reported last month, Blippy has raised another round of funding. Following the initial $1.6 million angel round in January, the controversial service has just raised another $11.2 million. As we expected, the latest round was led by August Capital and partner David Hornik will join Blippy’s board. Humorously, Hornik shared his investment on Blippy itself, so we know he put… Read More

  • Blippy Does An End Run, Harnesses Gmail OAuth To Re-Enable Amazon Support

    Early this year, Blippy, the highly controversial startup that lets you share your credit card and online purchases with your friends, ran into some trouble with Namely, Amazon told Blippy to stop pulling in user purchase information, and to go back and erase all existing data they’d already sucked in. Today, Blippy users have regained the ability to share their Amazon… Read More

  • August Capital Bets Big On Blippy

    Blippy is always fun to write about because so many people are enraged by its very existence. But all that rage apparently hasn’t stopped the company from getting lots of investor attention. In addition to landing a bevy of top tier angels and venture capitalists in their first round of financing, we’ve now heard that Blippy is preparing to close on a new round. August Capital… Read More

  • Blippy Gets A Facebook-Inspired Redesign And An Important New Privacy Feature

    When Blippy launched a few months ago, the idea was to get the site up there as bare-bones as possible so it was simple to people. That makes sense since the idea of sharing your credit card transaction data was (and remains) highly controversial. But despite the controversy, users have embraced Blippy. So now it’s time to give it a fresh coat of paint — and a new privacy… Read More

  • Amazon Says No To Blippy

    Blippy, the Twitter-like service that lets users publish the details of all their purchases, is just a couple of months old. But it already got Stephen Colbert’s attention (thumbs up). And now it has Amazon’s too (thumbs down). Cofounder Philip Kaplan first mentioned that Amazon had turned off Blippy’s access to the service on an episode of TWiST with Jason Calacanis. I spoke… Read More

  • Stephen Colbert: Blippy Is More Exciting Than Going Through Old Receipts

    Normally, it takes quite a bit of time before a startup gets any sort of mainstream spotlight. That’s not the case with Blippy. Tonight, the controversial social credit card data aggregator was featured on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. As you might imagine, host Stephen Colbert ripped into the service’s ability to show everyday purchases at places such as Wendy’s. Read More

  • Facebook Beacon Done Right? Retailers Start Embracing Blippy.

    Readers seem pretty split about what to think of Blippy, the service which allows you to share your credit card purchases online. About half think it’s the next logical step in sharing data online. The other half think it’s just about the worst idea ever. Retailers, it seems, are starting to lean towards the former. Blipply has reached agreements with three partners to promote and… Read More

  • Blippy Shows Its Own Funding On Blippy. And Now Everyone Can See.

    People love Blippy. Well, they love to talk about Blippy. And complain about it. And argue that it’s the end of privacy as we know it. But some people do actually love Blippy, the service which lets you share you credit card transactions with the world. In fact, a number of investors do, as the service has just raised a $1.6 million round of funding. The large angel round was led by… Read More

  • Ok You Luddites, Time To Chill Out On Facebook Over Privacy

    In 2004 everyone freaked out when Gmail launched because Google would be reading your emails to figure out what ads to serve you. “Privacy advocates objected to the advertising model, which involves Google’s robot eyes scanning every e-mail for keywords and displaying contextual advertisements alongside a user’s inbox,” noted Wired. That might sound familiar to your… Read More

  • We All Live In Public Now. Get Used To It.

    As the Web becomes more social, privacy becomes harder and harder to come by. People are over-sharing on Facebook and Twitter, broadcasting their whereabouts every ten steps on Foursquare and Gowalla, and uploading photos and videos of their most private moments to the Web for all to see. It’s easy to say that privacy is dead, we all live in public now, and just deal with it. But… Read More

  • Blippy Already Showing Off $1 Million Worth Of Your Credit Card Purchases (More Invites)

    Yesterday, Blippy opened its doors beyond a private group of users it had been testing with. Their invites went quickly (we have more below), and despite the obviously controversial idea of opening your credit card purchasing data to your social graph, a lot of users jumped in and started sharing data. So many, in fact, that Blippy is already tracking well over $1 million in sales… Read More

  • Open Your Credit Card Data To All! We Have Blippy Invites.

    A couple weeks ago, when we wrote about Blippy, the new startup that allows you to share your credit card purchases online, it caused quite a bit of controversy. That was expected. Sometimes good ideas do. Sometimes bad ideas do. So which one is Blippy? Well, why don’t find out for yourself? The company has given us 250 invites to give away to TechCrunch readers. Even if you hate the… Read More

  • Want Everyone To See Your Credit Card Transactions? Of Course You Do. Meet Blippy.

    As the Internet matures, slowly but surely everything we do in the real world is going social. But there’s a limit to how much information we can explicitly share on all the various services. A new service, Blippy, launching today in private beta,┬áhas an interesting way to take something you do everyday, buy things with your credit card, and automatically push those transactions online… Read More