Hover Adds Gestures And Touch To Your DIY Electronics

<a href="">Arduino</a> hackers rejoice: you can now add touch sensitivity and gesture controls to your tiny electronics projects, something that could add some v

Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Teeny, Weenie OLED Module

Do you desire a teeny, tiny, little <a href="">Arduino</a> board with OLED display? You bet you do! Microview is a new "chip-sized" Arduino on <a target="_blank"

Power Big Electronics Projects With The Controllino Arduino Board

If you've messed with <a href="">Arduino</a>, the inexpensive micro controller, you'll know that you can run a small motor or turn an LED on and off, but anythin

Start Your Weekend Right With This DIY Drink Mixing Arduino Project

While this is no <a href="">Monsieur</a>, this DIY <a href="">Ard

1Sheeld, A Super Clever All-Purpose Arduino Shield, Goes Up On Kickstarter And Immediately Breaks Its Goal

Arduinos are a godsend for the DIY/Tinkerer community, but there’s all sorts of stuff they just can’t do out of the box. Sure, you can add tons of functionality via strap-on boards called “shiel

Small, Stackable And Cheap, Microduino Puts ‘Arduino In Your Pocket’

<a target="_blank" href="">Microduino Studio</a> wants to make Arduino more accessible by creating a sma

CodeBender.CC Makes It Crazy Easy To Program Your Arduino Board From Your Browser

The official <a href="">Arduino</a> IDE is a dour piece of software designed for uploading code to the ubiquitous and super-cool micro controller. It is a standa

AutoDesk Releases An Electronics Simulator Called 123D Circuits

Hardware hacking often seems like black magic to the uninitiated, which is why <a target="_blank" href="">123D Circuits</a> is so cool: it allows you to learn electronics using

BITalino Is A Low Cost, Modular Bio-Signal Sensor Kit That Makes It Quicker & Easier To Build Medical Devices & Health Tracker Apps

BITalino is a simplified system for makers, app developers and researchers who want to quickly start capturing bio-signals. The low cost kit of modular blocks includes a swathe of physiological sensor

Espruino Seeks Kickstarter Funding To Help Jump Start Its “JavaScript For Things” Effort

Arduino is great, but Arduino is also pretty hard to wrap your head around, especially for newbies. The Espruino is "world's first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts," and has been of

SunnyBot Is A Solar-Powered Robot That Tracks The Sun To Reflect Sunlight Wherever You Want It

Here's a neat greentech idea currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. SunnyBot is a microcomputer-powered robot that continually tracks the position of the sun, angling its on-board mirror so th

Sony Turns Its Lackluster SmartWatch Into A Developer Playground

Back during the heady days of 2012, before the Pebble raised a crazy amount of money on Kickstarter, Sony quietly released an <a href="

BrickPi Is A Robotics Hacking Platform That Combines Raspberry Pi And LEGO Mindstorms

DIY micro-robotics is having a moment. The latest project to take the crowdfunding route to build out a platform for playing around with robotics is called BrickPi. As its name suggests, BrickPi is a

Your Arduino Is In My Android Device! UDOO Mixes It Up With An All-In-One Solution

For most beginning hardware hackers, <a href="">Arduino</a> is hard and Linux/Android is easy. The folks at <a target="_blank" href="

The RK-1 Is An Arduino-Based Mobile Robot You Control With Smartphone Swipes

London-based roboticist Evangelos Georgiou wants to offer an open-source platform for helping Arduino hobbyists take their projects mobile, thanks to a remote controlled robot called the RK-1 that com

MOwayduino Are Mini Robots Designed To Get Kids & Kidults Playing Around With Robotics

mOwayduino are programmable Arduino-based robot toys designed to be used in conjunction with apps plus hardware add-ons -- creating a rich environment for learning by playing with hardware and softwar

Sensors Are Everywhere, And A New Project Wants To Bring Them To The Classroom For Cheap

One interesting element of Google I/O this year were the sensors laid out everywhere around Moscone tracking environmental data throughout the event. Those types of sensors are now all around us, incl

At I/O, Google Will Be Tracking Things Like Noise Level And Air Quality With Hundreds Of Arduino-Based Sensors

If you're attending <a href="">Google I/O this week</a>, yo

Be The Life Of The Cubicle Farm With A DIY Sound-Sensing Tie

When I used to work in Fairfax, Virginia as a computer consultant during the dot-com boom (actually I was a documentation specialist) we'd all go down to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet. They had piz

This Open-Source, Robotic Tentacle Will Haunt Your Dreams

In the underground world of robotic tentacle makers, there are two rules: 1) don't talk about underground tentacle-making and 2) don't talk about underground tentacle-making. Both of those rules have
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