• The Archos 7 Home Tablet arrives at the FCC obstacle course

    The Archos 7 Home Tablet is coming to America, everyone. The product’s US availability has always been in question but now that it’s hanging with the boys down at the FCC, it’s all but announced for America. We still don’t have a release date, though. Read More

  • Is Archos launching 7 Home Tablet on iPad day?

    The iPad isn’t the only upcoming slate computer. Archos has the 7 Home Tablet coming real soon as well. The 7-inch Android tablet doesn’t have an official release date as of yet, but a German retailer states that it will be shipping in a week. Why the iPad launches on April 3rd? Coincidence? We think not. Read More

  • The Archos 9 PC Tablet makes room for the Atom Z515 CPU

    Isn’t it grand when companies somewhat silently update their products with new hardware but keeps the previous price. That’s just what Archos did with the 9 PC Tablet. Overnight it went from the Intel Atom Z510 1.1GHz CPU to the Z515 1.2GHz Atom with Hyper-Threading and Intel Burst Performance Technology. It’s a nice little spec bump, actually. Read More

  • Archos 2010 lineup leaks (in Europe)

    So the latest from Archos leaked recently at CeBIT 2010, the European electronics show. The 2010 Vision line showcases Archos returning to their roots with a series of new audio players designed for the lower end of the price range. Read More

  • Budget 7- and 8-inch Android tablets coming from Archos

    Archos is gunning for the more budget-sensitive crowd with the 7-inch “Archos 7 Home Tablet” running Android atop a 600MHz ARM9 CPU due in April for around $179. Read More

  • Archos 7 Android tablet specs leak out

    Archos has tablets too, you guys. Let’s not forget about Archos. Whether or not the company purposely let details of the 7-inch “ARCHOS 7 Android” tablet slip out on a product page of an online retailer in the UK (that page has now been removed), you’ve got to admit that the timing is interesting. Read More

  • Review: Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android

    Short Version: After a handful of rapid-fire firmware updates, the Android-infused Archos 5 Internet Tablet has turned out to be quite a compelling device. The snappy web browser, marathon battery life, and nearly endless list of features and functions make Archos’ latest couch companion a worthwhile option if you’re shopping for portables. If you’re drawn to the Archos 5… Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet PC just now available for pre-order at $550

    Although previously targeted for launch on October 22nd with a price tag of $500, it looks like Archos’ 9-inch tablet is just now available for pre-order on the company’s web site and priced at $550. Read More

  • Quick Look: Archos 5 Internet Tablet

    The Fedex man (his name is Gary) dropped off the Android-powered Archos 5 Internet Tablet this morning. I, in turn, opened the box and took photos of the aforementioned device. Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet due October 22 for $499

    Here’s a little more info on the Archos 9 Tablet. Apparently it’ll be available here in the US on October 22nd, the same day Windows 7 is available. The price tag is pretty aggressive at $499, too. Read More

  • Archos 5 Android tablet gets felt up all over the internet

    Remember that hot new Archos tablet we mentioned a little while back? Five inch touchscreen? Runs Android? Right. Well it’s not just PR shots and specs now; it’s been handled by just about everyone on the internet, and the consensus is: solid, but maybe wait for the first update, which will add full HTML browsing by default and perhaps Flash support. At any rate, the pricing is… Read More

  • Info about the Archos Phone Tablet emerges

    Details are kind of lacking at this point, but so far the Archos Phone Tablet is shaping up nicely. It should rock Android on a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a 854×480 resolution, 1GHz ARM CPU, HSDPA, and will measure in at only 10mm. The strange thing is that the phone is somewhat large considering the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen and so we’re curious about how Archos is going to… Read More

  • Archos 5 Android tablet pictured and priced

    It’s… almost exactly what I would expect from an Archos-branded Android tablet. We saw it before via the FCC, but this is a much clearer picture. The device will be coming in four (if not more) flavors: two flash-based at 16GB and 32GB, and two HDD-based at 160GB and 500GB. It looks like a decent little device, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand the draw of this sort… Read More

  • Archos' 5-inch Android tablet drops by the FCC

    It was just a matter of time. With the Archos Android announcement scheduled for September 15, the boys at the FCC have splayed the Android-powered MID that popped up on the AppsLib site. The A5S (#7501) was tested with a 5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and FM transmitter/receiver. Read More

  • The Archos 2 Vision doesn't look that great in person

    A product shot appeared a few days ago of the Archos 2 Vision. It looked nice. But the French site recently got some face time with the upcoming PMP and, well, it doesn’t look that great anymore. The original press shot looked slick and smooth, but this hands-on shot makes it looks like a no-name Chinese player. It’s an Archos so it probably runs great, but I… Read More

  • Archos to announce Android tablet on September 15, specs revealed, I drool

    Ooh la la. A real deal Android tablet this summer? Am I dreaming? No! I’m so in love with this OS it’s disgusting. Put aside my sickening love for a freaking OS and consider taking a gander at AppsLib? It’s the Application Store for Android launched by Archos, which states that registration will begin on September 15 “following the launch of this initiative”. If… Read More

  • Blockbuster to sell Archos Netbook, dig itself deeper into WTF territory

    Two great tastes that taste great together! Blockbuster and Archos are teaming up to sell a $299 Archos 10 netbook to consumers who just can’t be bothered to “shop around” and “not go to a freaking Blockbuster for computer hardware.” What’s next? Electric toothbrushes? Read More

  • Archos 9 is coming to America

    We first saw the Archos 9 two weeks ago and today we’ve learned that it’s coming to America. With an 8.9-inch touch-screen and a gaggle of other goodies it makes for a perfect Web browsing tablet. No word on price, but the Archos 9 is coming this fall. Read More

  • Video: The Archos 10S Netbook

    Archosfans has a fairly long video showing off the Archos 10S netbook, a $399 netbook. I honestl hadn’t heard much about it and Archos doesn’t sell much here. Writes charbax: Read More

  • Video: Archos 9 tablet looks nice, may cost under $500 this fall

    Ooh la la, here’s video of the Archos 9, straight from a recent Archos event in Paris. The quick and dirty: about three hours battery life, Windows 7, 8.9-inch 1024×600 touchscreen, 80GB hard drive, 1.2 GHz Atom CPU, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, kickstand, onscreen keyboard, and SIM card slot for HSDPA. Read More