iOS 12 will automatically share your iPhone’s location with 911 centers

Apple this morning announced a new feature in iOS 12 which will automatically share your location with first responders when U.S. users dial 911 using their iPhone. The move is meant to address the pr

Uber adds 911 assistance to rider app

Uber has officially launched its 911 in-app calling feature, after first announcing it in April. As you can see below, riders can tap the safety icon at the bottom right corner of the app to call 911.

Apple’s glass walls result in 911 calls

Apple should definitely avoid throwing stones as its glass houses have been causing some problems of late. The lights inside the new Apple Store in Chicago were attracting birds to fly into the large

Apple devices are butt dialing 911 from its refurbishing facility – 20 times per day

Since October, emergency responders in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, California have received over 1,600 false alarm 911 calls coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing site in the area. It&#821

Uber for 911 transport is a horrible idea

The Washington D.C. Fire and EMS Department is considering a plan to use Uber to transport low priority 911 callers, according to NBC Washington. It’s a horrible idea. Washington’s plan i

U.S.’ Text-To-911 Service Goes Live, But You Probably Can’t Use It Yet

Starting today, all four major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, have begun to offer text-to-911 in select markets. The new service, as the name implies, allows you to reach emerg

FCC, Big 4 Carriers Announce Plans To Accelerate Text-To-911, Commit To Nationwide Rollout By 2014

In August of last year, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/08/11/next-generation-911-will-support-text-photos-video-and-data/">introduced plans</a> for a next-ge

Next Generation 911 Will Support Text, Photos, Video, And Data

Nobody ever wants to be in a situation that requires emergency services, but when you are, that whole “dial 911” thing really helps. Sort of. In truth, our emergency response system is pretty outd

Send your cellphone photos and video to NYC's 911, 311

New Yorkers now have something constructive to do with the cellphone’s photo and video cameras. As of yesterday, New York City’s 911 and 311 (that’s for dumb things like, there&#8217

911ICE.org takes ICE a step further

Ice, In Case of Emergency is a simple idea that has some far reaching consequences. Conceived by British paramedic Bob Brotchie several years ago, the ICE initiative is simply a contact programmed int

Michiganders Opposes Mobile Fees

Residents of the big mittens aren’t too happy with new state, county and even local fees that are being imposed on their mobile services. A new poll released today by MyWireless.org reveals that 78