8 bit

  • Apparently, You Can Still Solder Together Your Own Computer If You Really Want To

    Back in the dark ages, it used to be if you wanted a computer, you built it yourself. And I don’t mean order the parts and put them together, I mean soldering the chip sockets into a breadboard and assembling all the bits by hand. For whatever reason, computer enthusiast Matt Sarnoff misses the halcyon days of the Altair, and decided to build his own PC the old fashion way: with a hot… Read More

  • Making Beats: Man Invents 8-bit Chipophone From Old Organ Case

    Here’s something pretty neat. A man by the name of Linus Ã…kesson has turned an old organ into an 8-bit synth. Click ahead to hear it! Read More

  • D-Pad Hero 2 coming May 16th

    Remember those halcyon days of February 2009? D-Pad Hero had just come out, and rhythm game players all over the world were enjoying the flush of old school meets new school in a 256k ROM. Get ready to experience that joy once again, since the sequel (don’t these games always have a sequel) is coming this month. Definitely worth your time to check it out. [via Boing Boing] Read More

  • 8-bit Trip: Stop-motion LEGO + Nostalgia + Chiptune

    If this video doesn’t warm the swollen-shut cockles of your adult heart, then you didn’t grow up in the eighties. I, for one, was awash in a sea of Atari, NES, LEGO, and Pac-Man. The stop-motion footage in this video apparently took 1500 hours to put together, which is pretty amazing considering the final product is just under four minutes long. Four wonderful, cockle-warming… Read More

  • Cal's marching band's tribute to the NES of yore

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1789288&fullscreen=1 We love all things Nintendo, it’s true. Well, except that VirtualBoy thing, what’s up with that? It was a cool idea, but 3D-VR based on red LEDs? That means all of us Colorblind Americans can’t take part. Thanks for that, Nintendo. We also love marching bands. So behold the above video that… Read More

  • Name That Chiptune: The Growing Niche of 8-bit Music

    Audio has been moving steadily toward higher fidelity and resolution as components become cheaper and more advanced. If it ain’t 24-bit and 192kHz, many people simply aren’t interested. But this week, I’m looking in the opposite direction: 8-bit music. A whole community of musicians use modified handheld gaming devices like Nintendo Game Boys and NES boxes as live… Read More