• The Canon 7D loves inclement weather, even at Antarctic levels

    More and more the 7D looks like the camera for me. Not that I go to Antarctica a lot, but when I do trek about, my camera comes with me rain or shine. My old 350D/Rebel XT survived quite a torrent in Kyoto, but I wouldn’t trust it or my newer Rebel XSi in a blizzard. Luckily, my job can be done from home; I don’t have to crawl on my belly through frozen mud and risk seal bites… Read More

  • A 31-page 7D review for your consideration

    The always thorough DPReview has finally published its epic review of the Canon 7D. Their conclusion? Brilliant. While in the end your purchase probably will rely more on your investment into the Canon, Nikon, Pentax, or whatever ecosystem, the 7D performs incredibly well and should be considered among the very best available. Not much else to say except I wish I had two grand burning a hole… Read More

  • Canon 7D shots can carry over ghost image to next shot (fix imminent)

    Even cameras with mechanical shutters, it seems, aren’t immune to sensor carryover issues. It seems that when you’re doing that famous 8FPS continuous shooting, it’s possible under certain circumstances that a ghost image will be present in the next image shot. Canon says it’s “barely noticeable,” but someone must have noticed anyway because they’re… Read More

  • Canon officially outs the beautiful, beautiful 7D

    If you’re into 7D news, you’ve surely been reading along as we reported the lenses, the features, and then the full press release earlier today. But that was all based on machine translation and furtive backroom phone-cam shots. Now we have the full story (in English) from Canon, and oh my god, did I nail the price or what:
    Gizmodo (lucky stiffs) got themselves a hands-on &mdash… Read More

  • Canon 7D surfaces along with new macro lens

    A leaked poster told us most of the pertinent information about Canon’s upcoming 7D, and this adds weight to that info. There are a few new specs; apparently the AF system is a new layout, and it’s a dual Digic IV processor setup, which probably accounts for its ability to shoot at 8FPS. There’s also a new flash and an… aerodynamic body design? What? Read More

  • More 7D ephemera surfaces, along with two awesome lenses

    A poster showing the rumored Canon 7D, along with some specs, has entered the rumor arena, and it looks totally legit to me. I would guess, from the name and specs (18MP, 8FPS, 100% VF coverage), that this is a direct competitor with Nikon’s D300s, priced well above a 50D but far below a 5D mk II. Say $1899 MSRP, just off the top of my head? Read More