Samsung's new CMOS, HD-capable sensors could be picture perfect

Camera phone pictures could get a whole lot prettier with Samsung’s newest image sensors. The Korean manufacturer has just announced two new CMOS sensors for mobile phones with improved image qu

Panasonic and LG plasma TVs to offer 720p HD video chats via Skype

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Picture-1.png" /> TVs with Internet connectivity are <a href="http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/05/20/sharp-floods-japan-with-new-internet-

Planar launching Viper; companies first 3-chip DLP projector

Viper: Planar’s first 3-chip DLP HD projector. Meant for 110-inch or larger screens, equiped with 10,000:1 contrast ratio @ 2,000 lumens, powered by a 10-bit independent dual image and motion ad

Kodak releasing tiny super-easy Zi6 HD camcorder

The field of tiny camcorders is going to blow up. Things like the Flip Mino are going to take over whether we like it or not (we don’t), because they’re so dang convenient. No bells, no wh

Review: Samsung SC-HMX10C camcorder

The last time I used or even owned a camcorder was back in the mid-90s. They were always too big and transferring video was only something a pro did unless you were just copying to a VHS tape. It wasn

NVIDIA going mobile with APX 2500 cell phone chip

What say you to the idea of cramming an NVIDIA GeForce chip into your cell phone? It’s coming, and in high definition too. The NVIDIA APX 2500 is an ultra-low power mobile applications processin

Proposed lawsuit targets Halo 3's false 720p claim

Back when Halo 3 was first released, some people got all up in arms because they thought they were gipped several pixels—the game was advertised as 720p even though it was actually rendered in 6

Crunchdeals: Sanyo Xacti 720p HD Cam, $299 shipped

Boy, if you’ve been waiting for hi-def camcorders to get affordable, your wait is over. Amazon is offering this cute little number for $299, which is just about half off the list price of $595.

Envision HD 720p 32-inch LCD-TV: Awful cheap or cheaply awful?

Envision makes fairly good TVs for not much money. This 32-inch model is about $500 online right now and it has a built-in digital tuner and two HDMI in ports. You can also use it as a video monitor a

Pioneer Kuro HDTVs Only Do 720p

Wow. Pioneer is trying a little too hard to advertise its Kuro line of HDTVs. Pioneer’s plasmas are usually fine, so its “look how great they are!” is a little troubling. The Kuro li

Pioneer Project Kuro First Impression

I just got back from seeing the new Pioneer HDTVs and, wow, I’m impressed. The difference between the 720p and 1080p picture quality was barely noticeable, though. Details remain the same from our e

Pioneer 8th-gen HDTV Kicks Out 20,000:1 Ratio

Pioneer has announced the ‘World’s best flat screen TV’ and I’m pretty sure they have some oomph to back that up. The Project Kuro TV line-up has black levels that are 80% deep

Panasonic Still Likes LCDs, Has 720p 26- and 32-inch LX70 Models On The Way

Less than a week after pimping its line of plasma TVs around New York, Panasonic goes ahead and pumps more life into its LCD line of HDTVs. Part of the LX70 series, these 26- and 32-inch HDTVs top out

Sony Does The 720p Projector Thing, Twice: AW15 and AW10

The big secret when it comes to HDTV is that a solid projector is a better bet than your typical LCD/Plasma/Whatever, namely because you can make the image as large as you want. However, they’re

Quicktime Update Adds Apple TV Support

With the Apple TV finally starting to ship, future owners will gladly welcome the latest update to Quicktime. Buried inside all of Quicktime’s rich features is an an export option called “