7 degrees

  • 7 Degrees Raises $6.8 Million For Social Business Mapping Application PeopleMaps

    Startup 7 Degrees, the developer of social business application PeopleMaps, has raised $6.8 million in Series B funding led by Rho Ventures, vSpring Capital and Parkview Ventures. This investment brings the company’s total funding to $8 million. Founded in 2007, 7 Degrees has developed a powerful and mature graph database. PeopleMaps is the first application developed by the startup… Read More

  • PeopleMaps Helps Graph Personal And Professional Connections

    Startup 7 Degrees is launching PeopleMaps, a social business application that aims to give professionals direct visibility into how they are connected to any person or company. Basically, PeopleMaps sifts through educational, social and business information to determine personal and professional relationships between people. PeopleMaps allows users to automatically search their personal… Read More