U.K.’s First & Only 4G Network Reaches Half The Population Five Months After Launch, Says EE

The first -- and still, the only -- 4G network in the U.K. is now available to half the U.K.'s homes and businesses. Carrier EE said today it has switched on the network in 13 more towns and cities to

U.K.’s First 4G Network Not Overrun With LTE Early Adopters — Just 201k Total 3G & 4G Postpaid Adds In Q4

Being first to 4G may not be quite the advantage EE may have hoped. The U.K.'s first 4G network was up and running at the end of October last year but its Q4 results show the network it picked up only

U.K.’s First 4G Network To Reach 55% Of The Population By Summer, Another 27 Towns & Cities To Be Switched On By June

4GEE, the U.K.'s first -- and still its only -- 4G network, owned by carrier EE, is continuing to grow its coverage footprint. Currently the network reaches less than half (45 per cent) of the U.K.'s

U.K.’s First 4G Network Arrives In Nine More Towns — EE Says Network Now Reaches 45% Of U.K. Population 3 Months After Launch

4GEE, the U.K.'s first and still it's only 4G/LTE network just got a little larger. Carrier EE has switched on 4G services in nine more towns, bringing the total number of towns and cities connected t

U.K.’s First 4G Network Adds 20GB Tariff For ‘Super-Users’, Discounts Entry-Level Plan To £31 For Two Months

EE, the company which operates the U.K.'s first to market and currently only 4G/LTE cellular network: 4GEE, has bowed to the inevitable -- announcing it plans to add a beefier tariff to its price-plan

U.K.’s First 4G Network To Expand To 17 More Towns By March 2013; Carrier EE Also Upgrading 3G To Fastest Variant: DC-HSPA

EE, the carrier behind the U.K.'s first 4G network, 4GEE, has announced its rollout will expand to 17 more towns by March 2013. It will also increase the network density in metropolitan areas already

U.K.’s First 4G Network, EE, Delays SIM-Only Tariff Launch For Up To Two Weeks

4G carrier EE, the freshly rebranded parent of Orange and T-Mobile in the U.K. which also owns and operates the U.K.'s first (and currently only) 4G/LTE network, has revealed it's behind schedule to l

UK’s First 4G Network, 4GEE, Goes Live In 11 Cities; 700 Orange, T-Mobile Stores Rebranded; 10,000 Staff Trained To Sell 4G

Today EE, which owns the Orange and T-Mobile carrier brands, has flicked the switch -- turning on 4G services in 11 UK cities. EE has also rebranded more than 700 Orange and T-Mobile stores as EE stor

4GEE Handset Prices: iPhone 5 From £180 On Cheapest 4G Tariff, SGSIII From £150; Huawei Ascend P1 Only Free 4G Handset Option

U.K. carrier EE has revealed handset costs for those wanting to get a new phone when signing up for its 4G network. Prices range from free for one handset model on £41+ monthly tariffs, up to £380 f