• Private pictures and video of Emma Watson and other celebrities leak online

    Private pictures and video of Emma Watson and other celebrities leak online

    Photos apparently stolen from Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and other female celebrities have been posted on 4Chan and Reddit, drawing comparisons to a 2014 hack, grossly dubbed “The Fappening” that exposed nude photos and video of several celebrities. Read More

  • 4chan founder Chris Poole will try to fix social at Google

    4chan founder Chris Poole will try to fix social at Google

    Google never “got” social. For all the resources thrown at it, Google+ just never quite felt human. But luckily Google just hired the guy behind 4chan — a site that epitomized the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity on the Internet. Chris Poole (screen name: MOOT) started 4chan in his bedroom at age 15. In the 12 years since, he built it into a 20 million active user… Read More

  • Who Is Chris Poole Without 4chan?

    Who Is Chris Poole Without 4chan?

    “Last year if you asked me if I wanted to start something, I would have said ‘fuckkkkk noooooo'” 4chan founder Chris Poole laughs. But he’s changed his tune and is ready to get back in the game. Poole, aka Moot, started the unruly anonymous image board 4chan when he was just 15 years old. 12 years later, he sold it last week to the owner of Japanese company 2Channel… Read More

  • With Traction But Out Of Cash, 4chan Founder Kills Off Canvas/DrawQuest

    With Traction But Out Of Cash, 4chan Founder Kills Off Canvas/DrawQuest

    “There’s a lot of glorification of startups and being a founder. People brush the failures under the rug, but that’s the worst thing you can do. You kind of have to face it head on” says Moot aka Christopher Poole. So rather than raise more money for his art apps Canvas and DrawQuest, later today he’ll announce they’re closing. “No soft-landing, no… Read More

  • OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance Crunch Network

    OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance

    How’s this for synchronicity: Google Glass started shipping on the same week that CISPA passed the House, 3DRobotics unveiled their new site, and 4chan and Reddit pored over surveillance photos trying to crowdsource the identity of the Boston bombers. Cameras on phones. Cameras on drones. Cameras on glasses. Cameras atop stores, in ATMs, on the street, on lapels, up high in the sky. Read More

  • DrawQuest Engages Users to Over a Million Drawings

    Art-Obsessed 4chan Founder Chris “moot” Poole Opens Up About His New App DrawQuest

    After spending most of his life tackling the world of digital media, 4chan and Canv.as founder Chris “moot” Poole has gone back to basics with a gamified iPad drawing app called DrawQuest. The idea is that you spend most of your childhood representing and expressing yourself through art, whether it be pictures or words or some combination. But after a certain age, the majority of… Read More

  • The Future Of Memes: 4chan Hits 22M Monthlies, Unveils New API

    The Future Of Memes: 4chan Hits 22M Monthlies, Unveils New API

    4chan, the often anonymously-used imageboard that’s spawned memes like Lolcats and hosts the weirdest porn you’ll ever see, just released an API and its first new features in five years for its 22 million unique monthly visitors. 4chan’s founder moot said the API “potentially has huge performance implications” and that he’s “curious to see how people… Read More

  • LulzSec: We Are NOT Attacking Anonymous

    Hacker group LulzSec, which only communicates through its own Twitter account, LulzSecurity.com and random messages on Pastebin, has been on a Public Relations tear this morning. For the uninitiated, LulzSec is the loosely conglomerated internet greifer group behind the relentless hacker war on Sony, attacks on PBS, the US Senate, the CIA, and a slew of gaming sites popular with 4Chan… Read More

  • Union Square Ventures Leads $3M Round In 4chan Founder Moot's New Startup Canvas

    Exclusive: 4chan founder Christopher Poole (a.k.a. moot) is announcing a round of funding today for his new startup, Canvas. Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson has led a $3 million series A round of funding, with all of the company’s previous angel investors participating, including SV Angel, Lerer Ventures (who led Canvas’ seed round), Andreessen Horowitz, Founder… Read More

  • Moot on How 4Chan Got Started

    (Founder Stories) Moot On The Origin Of 4Chan And The Evolution of Memes

    When Christopher Poole (aka Moot) was 15 years old, he founded the 4chan image board on an IRC channel with 20 people. Today, the site attracts about 12 million people a month and is the font of many of the Internet’s most pervasive memes, from Lolcats to Rickrolling. Moot doesn’t like to do video interviews, but after much pestering, Chris Dixon got him to come on Founder… Read More

  • Moot On 4Chan User Survey: "It's Total Garbage."

    Over the weekend, a interesting demographic survey of over 6000 4Chan users made the rounds of 4Chan, Reddit and Hacker News. While if anyone is going to skew a survey it’s 4Chan users, the Google document with the responses given a lot of Internet ink, lauded for being “bracingly honest.“ Read More

  • 4Chan Spoofs Wikipedia Founder's "Personal Appeal"

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the Jimmy Wales Chrome extension, 4Chan founder Christopher Poole has taken the whole unintentionally hilarious Wikipedia donation thing one step further and done us a solid by posting a Wales-esque “Personal Appeal” banner at the top of his own site. Just go ahead and click on “Read Now.” I. dare. you. Read More

  • Did Tumblr Just Reverse Take Down 4Chan?

    Today was supposed to be the day that 4Chan took down Tumblr. Instead, it looks like 4Chan itself is down. Could Tumblr be behind it? As you can see, 4Chan is down for everyone, not just me. And it has been that way for at least the past 15 minutes. The timing is interesting since it was supposed to be 5 PM ET when the 4Chan DDoS attack was to begin — that was roughly 15 minutes ago. It… Read More

  • Angelgate EXCLUSIVE: BIN38's Super Angel Menu And More

    Apparently my boss crashed a picnic the other night and may or may not have exposed a meeting of the Silicon Valley Joy Luck Club, or something. I really don’t know what actually happened because I’ve been asleep for two days and besides I usually leave the serious punditry stuff to serious journalists with sources outside of 4Chan — And yes investor collusion, as my friends… Read More

  • How Can Brands Best Get In Front Of Digital Audiences?

    We’re still here at the first TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York. Up on stage right now is an interesting group of people discussing how brands can best engage with digital audiences in this day and age. This is an overview of what Judy Hu, Global Executive Director of Advertising & Branding at GE, Brian Pokorny (CEO of dailybooth), Christopher ‘moot’ Poole of… Read More

  • Moot's Investors Revealed: Andreessen, Conway, Dixon, Schachter and Lerer

    Moot's Investors Revealed: Andreessen, Conway, Dixon, Schachter and Lerer

    Last Friday, we wrote about 4chan founder Christopher “Moot” Poole’s stealthy startup, Canvas Networks, which just raised $625,000 in funding. Poole has revealed the names of the investors in the round, which are impressive to say the least. The investors are Ron Conway, Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Kenneth Lerer, and Joshua Schachter. Lerer led the round. Poole is… Read More