• Code name Shanghai: AMD's 45nm quad-core Opterons are here

    AMD, Intel’s arch nemesis, is rolling out its first 45nm quad-core Opteron processors today. The move to 45nm brings lower power consumption (a decrease by about 35 percent) and increased (by 35 percent, too) “performance,” a term so nebulous it can mean anything. The processor uses the code name Shanghai. The previous 65nm Opterons went by Barcelona, who are absolutely… Read More

  • The future of Moore's law: IBM's chief technologist weighs in

    Trouble ahead, captain! Before ten years is out, our pattern of reducing the size of semiconductors (for example, the move to 45nm from 65nm with Penryn) every two years or so is going to hit a brick wall. In a few more shrinks, we’ll be approaching 10nm, at which point quantum mechanics begin to take over and reality gets all wobbly. So what’s next? IBM’s chief technologist… Read More

  • Intel's next barrage: Nehalem gets previewed

    Those lucky bastards over at AnandTech got their mitts on a couple totally unofficial Nehalem chips. For those of you not in the know (a group which included me until about 15 minutes ago), Nehalem is the second part of the Intel processor cycle that started with the 45nm Penryn shrinkage all those months ago. Just as the Core microarchitecture (and the phenomenally popular Core2 Duos) were… Read More

  • AMD says, "Hey, we're going to 45nm too!"

    [photopress:amdsp.jpg,full,center] Intel’s not the only processor manufacturer on the block switching from 65nm to 45nm technology this month. AMD held a press event today to let us know that, yes, it too would adopt the 45nm process for its new procs. This makes for lower-power and cooler-running processors, and speed is improved as well. The smaller the “pitch” between… Read More

  • Getting to know the Penryns

    [photopress:cleanroom.jpg,full,center] Everybody’s excited about Intel’s new 45nm chip architecture and its first iteration, the Penryns. They’re going to be in the MacBooks, they’re going to be in your desktops, they’re basically taking the joint over and everyone’s pumped. You’re probably wondering why. Isn’t it just another bump in… Read More

  • Alienware stuffs new 45nm Intel proc into popular m15x laptop

    [photopress:alienware_area_51_m15x_m17x_laptop.jpg,full,center] Alienware’s going micro once more with the first 45nm Core 2 Extreme laptop with a 15.4-inch screen, a size that many (including this blogger) think is the perfect size. This new proc is fitted within the Area-51 m15x laptop, increasing its performance and battery life. With the 800MHz front side bus, this makes the m15x… Read More

  • RumoR: 45nm Xbox 360 CPUs Given Green Light, Redesign In 2008

    We’ll have to wait well over a year to see if this rumors pans out, but sources in Singapore, which support an earlier Mercury News report, say that Microsoft’s manufacturing partners are already readying 45nm (nano meter) Xbox 360 CPUs. Right now, 65nm CPUs are found in the Xbox 360. Once Microsoft is able to shrink the size of the CPU enough, it can redesign the system all it wants. Read More